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Stay Cool Kids

The sizzle of sunburn is not something I enjoy so I am very grateful for Past Me who stocked up on suncream. Here’s my top tips for keeping your complexion healthy and avoiding lobster doom whether you’re going abroad or staying home.  

­čî╗Use suncream every day and top it up regularly, especially if you’re outside during the day. 

­čî╗Drink lots of water, you get dehydrated quickly in the summer and being taken to hospital and put on a drip can really wreck your holiday. Buy a water bottle and carry it with you – pop it in the fridge before you go out to keep it cool. 

­čî╗Moisturise! Your skin gets thirsty too and needs love. 

­čî╗Stay out of the midday sun – the hottest part of the day is the worst. 

­čî╗Eat delicious water filled nutrients in watermelon, cucumber, and other fruits. Ideally eat things in season as they taste better. 

­čî╗Don’t forget our furry pals – they can’t take off their fluffy jackets so make sure they have plenty of water, add an ice cube or two to help them stay cool. 

­čî╗Stop sleeping under your winter duvet! If you need covers a light blanket or spare sheet instead so you don’t get too hot at night. 

­čî╗Open the windows when you get home. Air out your home and cool it down. If you can, open your doors as well. 

­čî╗Water your plants. Use water left in your kettle or water bottles rather than pour it away. If you have a garden get a water butt – they’re inexpensive and will save on your water bills, as long as it rains. 

­čî╗Most importantly have fun! 

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Summer Lovin’ Tag

The lovely Sal of Ummbaby fame did this tag post, so I swiped it. 

­čĺäFavourite Perfume – this summer I’ve been turning to my beloved Chloe perfumes, today I’m wearing See by Chloe. 

­čĺäFavourite Lip Colour – Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte in Devotion, real like it. 

­čĺäFavourite Drink – I have been raiding Lidl for a gorgeous Cornish Elderflower Press├Ę – it’s a bit sweet for me so I dilute it with some water. Refreshing. 

­čĺäFavourite Blush – recently I’ve been layering MUA in Cupcake with Benefit’s Highbeam – so I have softly glowing cheeks. 

­čĺäFavourite Clothing Item- the maxi skirts are out in force at the moment but I found a gorgeous jacket in my wardrobe that I don’t remember buying (shopping amnesia anyone?) that looks great over a tee and skirt/leggings/maxidress/whatever!

­čĺäFavourite Movie – I tend to watch more movies in the winter but I did watch 101 Dalmatians the other day. 

­čĺäFavourite TV Show – we’re rocking the sci fi at the moment, with Dark Matter season 2 and The Killjoys due back on our screens in August. 

­čĺäFavourite Food – squeaky cheese Aka Halloumi! On and in everything. Salads, sandwiches, paired with watermelon or cherries, drizzled with my favourite chilli sauce, just give me it! 

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Never-ending Summer with Birchbox 

This month’s  Birchbox arrived today, all pink and purple, in collaboration with Millie Mackintosh (one of those famous for being famous types it seems). 

This month’s selection contains five items, three full-size. 

LOC x Millie Ultra Gloss Lip Pencil in Bohemian Rose – Birchbox in-house brand Love of Colour lip pencil in a glossy soft pink. 

John Frieda 7 Days Luxurious Volume – this was my pick between two products from John Freida. This is designed to boost volume from the next time you wash your hair with this in-shower treatment. 

Nails Inc in Abbey Road – a teeny bottle of baby pink polish.

High Definition Brow Define in Bombshell – enriched with waxes to boost the long-lasting brow pencil. 
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask – sheet masks are a big thing at the moment and this one promises intense moisture for dry, tired skin. 

It’s an ok box, not the most exciting to come out of Birchbox and really the Nails Inc polish could be in a bigger size, I will probably lose this bottle at some point. It doesn’t feel hugely summery either – last month’s pineapple print was more so, some summer specific goodies like suncream would be more appreciated, all this pink feels Spring not Summer. 

Thoughts? Are you a Birchbox subscriber? What did you think about this month’s box? Let me know in the comments. 


Too darn hot…

I am descended from warm blooded Nordic people (my dad looks like a grumpy Viking) and am not suited for this silly weather. Today it was as hot as last summer in Cyprus, but minus the handy swimming pool to cool off in.


I need a paddling pool, is that weird? I remember being a kid and spending hours in the garden in my cossie, splashing about and running around.

That or I’m going to do a Monica and sit in the fridge, even if there’s no Netflix and OITNB in the kitchen. It’s too hot.



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Glossybox – The Festival Edit

Sadly I think my days of sleeping badly in a collapsing tent in the muddiest field, trying to avoid needing the look and craning my neck to watch tiny figures on a distant stage may be behind me. I like a hot shower and a proper bed too much.

Glossybox is getting into the festival spirit in this month’s box. Which *spoiler* is a bit disappointing to me.


There’s no special box or paper, just the standard pink and black.

Inside is a Hello Fresh voucher worth ┬ú25 – something that I probably won’t use as I can cook confidently enough and know how to shop on a budget.

The products themselves are a little disappointing.

Kueshi Anticellular Booster – what every woman needs, a reminder that you, like most of the population, might have cellulite. It’s a full size bottle too. Might use it just as leg lotion but I never believe the magically rids you of cellulite claims!


Next up is Halo Fragrance Free Facial Wipes – these are quite useful as they’re handbag sized and claim to be suitable for sensitive skin.

Monuspa Rosewood Reviving Spray – I’ve never really been a fan of spray on face mists – I find they leave your skin a little greasy, although I like the concept. Will probably give this a try and see what happens.

Essence the gel nail polish – I wouldn’t have minded the mint one but I got a red/coral colour that won’t get much use. Essence is a bargain beauty brand found in Wilkinson’s, a lot of bloggers have been raving about it, but I’ve yet to test out their products myself.


Finally, oh yes, more temporary tattoos – including the Glossybox logo should you want to brand yourself. I now have quite the collection of these, destined to never be used, as most beauty boxes seem to be flogging them this summer.

I’m fairly disappointed, Glossybox for me started out so promising but the last few have been pretty mediocre. Unless this improves, it may well be adios Glossybox.