About ramblingmads


Welcome to my little corner of the ‘net.

My name’s Madeleine and my blog is all about the things I love, like books and beauty, and the things in my life – like dealing with mental health conditions, being married and in my thirties. Basically my life on a plate, sorry about the presentation!

Here you’ll find book reviews, blog tours, beauty and skincare, weird things that happen to me, my lovely fluffy cat, a puddle of Diet Coke (I’m clumsy!) and lots of weird ramblings on – like this one.

Come and say hi on social media too – I’m @ramblingmads on both Twitter and Instagram. I do have Goodreads but I never update it so if you want to know what I’m reading just ask!

I live in London and usually either have my nose in a book or my phone, unless there’s a dog or some cake nearby.