Too darn hot…

I am descended from warm blooded Nordic people (my dad looks like a grumpy Viking) and am not suited for this silly weather. Today it was as hot as last summer in Cyprus, but minus the handy swimming pool to cool off in.


I need a paddling pool, is that weird? I remember being a kid and spending hours in the garden in my cossie, splashing about and running around.

That or I’m going to do a Monica and sit in the fridge, even if there’s no Netflix and OITNB in the kitchen. It’s too hot.



1 thought on “Too darn hot…”

  1. Hahaah I feel your pain! I’m a natural redhead with Scottish, Irish, Welsh & English heritage. I’m very pale and freckly, my skin doesn’t tan it just burns within minutes and gains more freckles! Some years I have to start wearing a darker foundation because of the increase/change in colour of my freckles. I also dehydrate really quickly so I am not made for this weather!x

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