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Moi-Meme Winter Wellness Box 

This box is so luxe- and will with things to give you a boost during the rotten cold winter months. 

I love that each box is personalised and that the team at Moi-Meme do the same with the contents. 

There are five lovely things in the box and I can’t pick a favourite. 

Lola’s Apothecary Bath & Shower Oil (RRP £34 100ml) – this oil (Delicate Romance) contains rose, sweet orange, lemon, geranium, as well as several other skin loving ingredients. You only need a teaspoon for a bath or shower, so this will last a while. Based in Devon, the products are hand blended in small batches for the best quality. This smells delicious and soon so will I.  

Potion London The Beauty Formula (RRP £25 60 tablets – 1 a day) – with 19 vitamins and minerals these skin, hair and nail supplement tablets are developed to promote clear skin, strong nails and silky hair. Stocked in Harvey Nichols exclusively (and online), it’s only been around since July last year. It would be really great to see if these help my brittle, peeling nails. 

Pia Rossini Monroe Faux Fur Snood (RRP £30, available in 7 colours) – lined with soft fleece, this ridiculously stroke-able snood is warm and cosy. There are matching accessories available online. I am wearing this in my living room – the boiler’s broken and can guarantee it’s warmth. Based in Northern Ireland, the husband and wife team cover all seasons with everything from faux fur to beachwear. 

Portico Designs A6 Monogram Notebook (RRP  £8) – this stationery brand produce gorgeous products for brands including Wedgwood, Monsoon and Roald Dahl, as well as their own designs – like these gorgeous notebooks, which come in a range of colours. A 25 year old, Bath based company, their lovely things make brilliant presents. As someone who is always scribbling things down, this arrived at a perfect time.  

Coco Chocolatier Organic Chocolate Bar (RRP  £4.50 for 80g) – Caramel, Hazelnut and Isle of Skye sea salt milk chocolate – an artisan chocolate bar from Edinburgh with really lovely packaging, combining some of my favourite things – sorry I don’t share! 

Are you a subscriber? Do you love these boxes too? 

You know where I am, wearing my snood and eating chocolate.  


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Box of Lame 

I keep seeing bloggers sharing their Box of Lame snaps on Twitter and Instagram, so I took advantage of That Lame Company’s post-Christmas sale to pick one up and see what all the fuss is about. 

I have to say I’m impressed by the speed of delivery – two days after ordering  (on a bank holiday) and it arrived. 

I was a bit disappointed by the packaging, just a plain brown box. But I guess it’s what’s inside that counts. 

Wax melts, Yankee candle, tree decorations, candle holder. 

Tea bags, sweets, hot chocolate reindeer and marshmallows. 

Art prints

Budget notepad, resolutions worksheets

To do list, motivational postcards. 

This is a really fun cheerful box of goodies. I haven’t bought anything from That Lame Company before but I definitely think 2017 will contain more purchases.  

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Illumicrate Review 

It’s Illumicrate time again, I am very excited. The box is huge. That means lots of goodies inside. 

This box taps into the current trend for the Danish concept of  hygge with this cute printed coffee cosy from Sparrow + Wolf, candle from Meraki Candles and funky socks from Happy Socks. 

This Evil Plans notebook designed by House of Wonderland taps into my secret desire to take over the world….

I love all the little bookish extras – my favourites are the cute Christmas gift tag and the Six of Crows Oyster holder. 

This month’s book is The Diabolic by S. J Kincaid. A dystopian fantasy set in a future where humanity is ruled over by the galactic empire. There’s a letter from the author, signed bookplate and bookmark. I’m looking forward to getting good stuck into this one. 

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Moi-Meme – Hygge box

The Danish concept of ‘hygge‘ is everywhere this winter, pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ it’s a sort of cosiness that’s pretty hard to describe but it’s meant to be the reason Danes are so happy. 

Moi-Meme is one of the pricier subscription boxes out there and only arrives every few months. The last one was a summer adventure box and this one is all about cosy comfort. 

The box smells delicious because of some of the treats inside. 

I get very cold feet in the winter – poor circulation is a pest, so these snuggly bed socks are perfect – although I can’t wear socks in bed, but hey they’ll be great inside boots or slippers. With a little dash of cashmere they’re so soft. 

From the same people as the socks is a little lavender bag, which can be popped under your pillow or tucked in a drawer to keep things fresh. Mine is heading for my knicker drawer – so I get a whiff when I open it in the morning. 

Two skincare products from Danish brand Nuori next – one of which is fullsize (thank you luxury box gods). 

First up the Vital Foaming Cleanser – made with Pomegranate enzyme and radish root extract this gentle cleanser stripy dirt and make up but leaves skin’s natural oils so it’s not drying. Perfect as I am literally scraping cleanser out of the bottle. 

Vital Eye Cream is lightweight and full of skin loving ingredients including shea butter, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. 

I like that Moi-Meme always includes an accessory of some sort. This time it’s a bracelet from Swedish brand Edblad. I got the yellow gold one, which isn’t really my style so I might take advantage of the Moi-Meme swap service and exchange it for either the rose gold or stainless steel. 

Finally there’s the candle for that all important hygge atmosphere. This one is from The Bath Candle Company and is available in a range of scents. Mine is Dark Pomegranate and despite normally preferring lighter scents, this is delicious. 

As always the box items will soon be available in the Moi-Meme shop along with others from the brands included. Subscribers get a discount on all items, which is great if you want to top up your box items or buy gifts. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this as I have seen some gorgeous things in their shop that are perfect as Christmas gifts. 
As with the first box I love this, it feels really thoughtfully curated based on the questionnaire I filled in when signing up. The box might be a pricier one than many but the items cost massively outweighs it. 

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My Little Brooklyn Box

My Little Box has gone to the Big Apple – a city closely linked to France, who gifted the Statue of Liberty to the Americans. 

Brooklyn, a borough of New York famous for its hipsters and baristas has inspired this month’s box, as has coffee, and I hate coffee. 

However, I quite like this box. 

Inside are a whole host of goodies. 

The sticker has gone into my phone case as it makes me smile and will remind me to relax and not go to panic stations all the time. 

Firstly the beauty treats; 

Terrybly Crayon Kohl By Terry – this a gold eyeliner/eyeshadow crayon. I already love it. 

Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Mask – specially formulated for blondes (there’s a brunette version too) this fullsize hair mask smells ok and is supposed to boost hair. Which is perfect as mine needs a lift. 

My Little Beauty Save My Nails Strengthening Treatment- stop reading my mind MLB. My brittle nails need some TLC so this is great. 

Also in the box are three lifestyle treats too. 

Enamel “Coffee Made Me Do It” mug – quite cute but I don’t drink coffee so it didn’t make me do anything! This cup is the perfect size for soaking my beauty sponges in however, especially as I just sorted and downsized our mug collection. 

Latte stencil – or in my case hot chocolate stencil. 

Pins – there is a doughnut pin and a matching pair of lapel pins – which I thought were earrings! Adding these to my pin collection right now. 

There’s an art print with a cute design by illustrator Kanako and a copy of My Little World magazine, which I will enjoy flicking through on my commute.

 The little cloth bags are really durable and can be used in all sorts of ways and as Christmas is slowly creeping one way is as gift bags for all sorts of treats. How do you use yours? Let me know in the comments below. 

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The Bookish Box – Literary Ladies 

September’s Bookish Box has arrived and it’s all about the ladies. 

LeviosA earrings from J&Co Jewellery – silver feather studs

Kimmy Scmidt magnet from Jar of Buttons “Females are strong as hell” 

Pride & Prejudice tea from First Edition Tea Co – citrus and roasted mate tea

Katniss Arrow Pen & Highlighter holder from Nonies Custom Creations 

Thrones of Glass watercolour bookmark from Lexy Olivia 

The Bookish Box Bookworm highlighter & Matilda sticky noted

Appraising Pages Hermione t-shirt 
Chapter sampler from The Call by Peader O’Guilin 

Some really lovely things in this box, really impressed at how the team behind this box find so many lovely literary things every month. 

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Ihearthomes #happymail Beach box 

My bathroom has benefited a lot from this box. I have a sort of theme going on, with a blue floor, green and white tiles (nother my choice as we rent) but I have tried to make it a nice place to be. 

There is a huge seascape on the wall outside, a canvas selected by the Mr who grew up by the sea and I’ve decorated the bathroom with shells and little wooden boats, much like these. 

Those pink shrimps (a pick’n’mix fave) lasted about two seconds. 

I’m very into colour schemes (blame it on the wedding planning) and my dream bathroom would be nautical blue and white, like this box. 

If you’re looking for cute ways to liven up your home, join me browsing ihearthomes for ideas and homeward treats. 

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My Little Friends Box 

This month’s My Little Box is all about hanging with your pals. 

Inside the box is a copy of the My Little World magazine and a packet of Sweet & Salty Propercorn popcorn, so that’s tomorrow’s commute sorted. 

Lifestyle items in this month’s box are pretty random – there’s a manicure kit, which seems a bit odd and unconnected to the clip-on fish eye lens – attach to your phone for a different way to see things. 

Beauty-wise, inside the cute printed bag are three treats. Caudalie Banana and Mango moisturiser, My Little Beauty Summer Lips balm with SPF 15, Batiste Hold Me Hairspray. 

Although I don’t really get how all these things fit in a ‘Friends are the best’ box, they’re quite nice. None of this is stuff you might share with a pal – maybe the hairspray and lens for selfies, but even the popcorn’s too small to share. 

Thoughts? Got something wildly different? Let me know below. 

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The Bookish Box – Game of Thrones Edition

This Bookish Box is all about George R.R. Martin’s mega hit series A Song of Ice and Fire. 

Some of the imagery is drawn from the smashing series, but that’s to be expected considering that it has saturated everything – hello a million Jon Snow gifs. 

The box was absolutely packed with stuff so let’s crack it open. 

Firstly there’s a Jon Snow art card from Evieseo, with the now notorious line printed on it. 

Next I dug out this fancy cup complete with straw and snarling Stark direwolf from Knot Knirvana – it might say ‘Winter is Coming’ but it’s perfect for summery drinks. 

This month’s t-shirt from box parent company Appraising Pages says ‘A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives’ which is pretty true if you read enough. 

There’s a tote bag celebrating the women of Westeros, a pretty fiesty, determined bunch, from the brilliantly named Drop and Give Me Nerdy. 

This next item intrigues me but I probably won’t get to use it – a Quote Bomb from Da Bomb Fizzers. I don’t have a bath in my flat but I like the idea of a surprise inside – in this case a famous quote. 

Last but not least is an antler ring so you can represent the beleagured House Baratheon or just jazz up your finger. 

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#NationalBookLoversDay & Illumicrate Unboxing

As a massive book loving geek, today feels like a day all about me! 

I own a silly number of books, between them and the rats, there’s barely enough room for me! But since the answer to the question ‘haven’t you got enough books?’ is always “NO!!’ it’s a bit like living in a library but no one’s saying “shhh!” 

Personally I think a love of books is a vital lifeline – some books have really helped me through tough times, have encouraged me to keep going and pushed me to be a better version of myself. And most of those were fiction. 

It seems apt that today my new Illumicrate arrived- the book lover’s box. It is jam packed with two new books and lots of other literary goodies. Very excited. 

Let’s start with the books. 

The Graces by Laure Eve – the author has written a letter included in each box, which is a really sweet touch. The book isn’t out in paperback yet so this is very exclusive. Growing up I wanted to have magical powers (who doesn’t) and was convinced there was a witch in the woods. In this book, River decides she will make The Graces hers, she will control their magic. Laure says it’s partly inspired by 90s classic movie The Craft, a firm favourite of mine too, so I think I’m going to enjoy this. As well as the book and letter, there’s a signed bookplate and some witchy temporary tattoos. 

One of my favourite TV shows about a book lover is The Gilmore Girls (now, thankfully on Netflix) and this cute tote bag features a quote from the show. 

I don’t drink tea – at least not the standard black kind, but I do love an iced tea that’s sweet and fruity so this summety strawberry tea from Post Tea, will definitely be brewed up then chilled. 

To relax, apart from reading, I like colouring books, and one of my top books so far this year was Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, so these exclusive art cards are perfect for me. 

Sadly this next item isn’t really for me – I’m not a fan of Harry Potter, but I know plenty of people are, so I will rehome these coasters. 

Finally there are some bonus artcards to promote a new book, and some discount vouchers for book related goodies. 

This whole box has been put together with care and I’m really impressed with it. Enjoy the post, I’m off to read my new books! 

Happy Book Lovers’ Day!