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Under the Tree: Print Panoramics

Another day, another excellent option for your Christmas shopping.

Print Panoramics are a cool online company that help you create amazing prints from your photos – something that would make a fantastic gift for a loved one.

You pick the size, style and type of print, upload your image and the team will print it for you, ensuring it looks the best.

The team at Print Panoramics have kindly offered my readers a 15% discount, valid until 31/12/2018 (UK only, includes shipping, minimum spend £50). Enter code MADSPP15

You can also follow Print Panoramics on Instagram and see some of their great images.

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Under the Tree: personalised art from Karishma, London Life Drawing Girl

Today’s gift idea is a bit different and something that could be ideal for an art loving friend or family member.

I’ll let Karishma, aka London Life Drawing Girl introduce herself;

“Hi, I’m Karishma, a 26 year old, London based artist. I love to draw and paint buildings and skylines around the world. These can be anything from a favourite city, a special building, or home. I work in the city by day and sketch in my spare time.”

If you want to buy someone an amazing hand drawn image of their favourite London landmark or somewhere that means something special then head to her website and order via the form or by email.

And Karishma has kindly offered all my followers a Christmas order discount – just add code MADS for a cool 10% off one of her drawings.

You can also follow Karishma and see some more of her amazing art on social media, Twitter, Instagram

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Box of Lame 

I keep seeing bloggers sharing their Box of Lame snaps on Twitter and Instagram, so I took advantage of That Lame Company’s post-Christmas sale to pick one up and see what all the fuss is about. 

I have to say I’m impressed by the speed of delivery – two days after ordering  (on a bank holiday) and it arrived. 

I was a bit disappointed by the packaging, just a plain brown box. But I guess it’s what’s inside that counts. 

Wax melts, Yankee candle, tree decorations, candle holder. 

Tea bags, sweets, hot chocolate reindeer and marshmallows. 

Art prints

Budget notepad, resolutions worksheets

To do list, motivational postcards. 

This is a really fun cheerful box of goodies. I haven’t bought anything from That Lame Company before but I definitely think 2017 will contain more purchases.  

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Tate Modern – Georgia O’Keeffe 

Today my lovely friend Ben moseyed on down to the Tate Modern to see the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition. 

It doesn’t focus on her iconic flower paintings but rather on other work, starting with some of her earliest work and covering her gorgeous landscapes, from New York and New Mexico. 

It was really fascinating and her work is gorgeous, whether in colour or black and white. 

Obviously as I can read signs I didn’t take any photos in the exhibition but here are some of the postcards I picked up in the shop. 

Autumn Leaves – Lake George, N.Y 1924
Jimson Weed/White Flower No.1 1932
Oriental Poppies 1927

I really recommend going if you get a chance. 

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#paperhaul from Crafty Creatives & Giveaway 

As a stationery nerd this is one of my fave letterbox subscription boxes.

Each month’s is decorated by a different illustrator, allowing you to support artists and charity as 20p from each box goes to Post Pals,  which sends letters to children in hospital. 

This month’s box contains quirky illustrations from Louise at Gaze of Dolls Designs based on Alice in Wonderland, and this month I have a box to giveaway too (see the bottom of the post).

There’s some fab stickers 

This card is brilliant 

Postcards I can’t wait to send

These little cards and notepad are my favourite and there’s washi tape for wrapping presents too. 

If you like the designs and want a box for yourself you can subscribe here

And you can win your own box of Louise’s fabulous designs right here.

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MAD Museum, Stratford on Avon 

​You may well have read my post about my recent trip to Stratford – if not, why not? 

One of the places we visited was the MAD Museum – situated above some of the shops down the road from Shakespeare’s Birth Place. 

MAD stands for Mechanical Art and Design. 

I wasn’t convinced I’d be interested, but it was actually incredibly fascinating. 

Almost all of the exhibits were interactive, you pushed a button (or put your foot on the pedal, or clapped!) and it came to life. 

From clever wooden models that moved by a crank, to marble runs that far exceeded the one I had as a kid, the original Meccano ferris wheel, and so much more. 

I took a lot of photos, you were encouraged to, and recorded some videos of the brilliant creations moving. 

If you’re in that part of the world and looking for something a bit different to explore, I highly recommend it. 

Gold Clock – Gordon Bradt
Gremlins Vandalise Shakespeare – Victorian Model Workshop

Row Fish – John Morgan

I foolishly didn’t take down the names of all the exhibits I photographed, so if you are the artist, I’m sorry. 

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#paperhaul May – weather

This month’s #paperhaul box of beautiful stationery comes illustrated by Canadian Chad Geran.

As always a percentage from each box goes to the charity Postpals, sending letters and cards to sick children .

As suits May’s (mostly) sunny days the contents are themed around Spring and weather.

There are sweet note cards, stickers, washi tape and a notebook. Perfect for brightening up someone’s day.




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Mandalas and mindfulness


Mandala means ‘sacred circle’ and in Eastern cultures are symbols of wholeness and eternity.

They are often used as a form of art therapy as they are absorbing and meditative.

I’ve been trying to practice mindfulness and learn to control my anxiety better.


And this week I’ve been colouring as a way to relax the part of my brain that panics and worries, and stimulate my creative side again.

I got the first issue of Art Therapy magazine which had some interesting patterns to colour in.


I’ve got some colouring books for adults to work on, so far I’m quite enjoying it and I do feel calmer when I’m doing it.


I’ll be posting them over on my  Instagram so if you’re interested come and take a look.