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The Bookish Box – Game of Thrones Edition

This Bookish Box is all about George R.R. Martin’s mega hit series A Song of Ice and Fire. 

Some of the imagery is drawn from the smashing series, but that’s to be expected considering that it has saturated everything – hello a million Jon Snow gifs. 

The box was absolutely packed with stuff so let’s crack it open. 

Firstly there’s a Jon Snow art card from Evieseo, with the now notorious line printed on it. 

Next I dug out this fancy cup complete with straw and snarling Stark direwolf from Knot Knirvana – it might say ‘Winter is Coming’ but it’s perfect for summery drinks. 

This month’s t-shirt from box parent company Appraising Pages says ‘A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives’ which is pretty true if you read enough. 

There’s a tote bag celebrating the women of Westeros, a pretty fiesty, determined bunch, from the brilliantly named Drop and Give Me Nerdy. 

This next item intrigues me but I probably won’t get to use it – a Quote Bomb from Da Bomb Fizzers. I don’t have a bath in my flat but I like the idea of a surprise inside – in this case a famous quote. 

Last but not least is an antler ring so you can represent the beleagured House Baratheon or just jazz up your finger. 

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