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Purple choc cherry brownies with Indigo Herbs

I enjoy baking but I’m not quite Bake Off standard and one of the things I’ve tried to do more of is free from baking. 

I have lots of friends who have food intolerances (as do I) so I like to make sure they feel catered for if I’m having them round.

When the team at Indigo Herbs got in touch about using their natural, free from ingredients I said yes please! 

Indigo Herbs is an independent business located in the heart of Somerset, in Glastonbury and has a huge range of interesting products available online and in store. Plus they’re friendly, which is always a bonus. 

On with the recipe! 

Everyone loves chocolate brownies and chocolate pairs really well with cherries so combining the two was a doddle. 

This bake is vegetarian but not vegan as I’ve yet to find an egg substitute that works as effectively without leaving any trace.


150g Purple Corn Flour*

150g Organic Coconut Sugar* 

1.5 tbsp coconut oil

200g dark chocolate of your choice 

1tsp gluten free baking powder 

2 eggs

1.5 tsp Acerola Cherry Powder* 

A few glacè cherries, chopped 

Sprinkling of Organic Puffed Quinoa* 

A very lazy cake to bake 

Oven on 200°c and locate cake tin (I used a loose bottom one), line with baking parchment. 

Weigh and measure your ingredients – do not drop any of them on the floor. 

Purple flour!

Mix your dry ingredients in a mixing bowl (I used a spatula but you could use your electric mixing bowl/whisk – I could only locate 1 prong attachment thing). 

Coconut sugar and purple corn flour

Melt the coconut oil and chocolate in a bowl in the microwave – this takes about 3 to 4 minutes. You could use a Bain Marie but that takes longer and requires more room in the kitchen and the brain. 

Add the eggs to the dry mix, do not get any shell in there. If you do, fish it out, wrong kind of tasty surprise. 

Always look for the lion! 🦁

When the oil and chocolate have melted, pour it in. Be careful the bowl will be hot. 

Mix everything together. Add the glacè cherries. Stir them in. You would be best to do this bit by hand. 
You could be really clever and coat them in a little flour first so they don’t sink. I forgot to do this. 

Pour into the lined brownie tray (or a cake tin like I did as my brownie tray is huge) and smooth the top. Or leave it slightly uneven if like me, you’re lazy and perfection is tiring. 

Sprinkle the popped quinoa over the top. This provides a nice little crunch – a textural opposition to the soft brownies.  

Pop into the oven for 20-30 minutes. Check whether a knife comes out clean. If it does, then it’s done, if the knife is sticky, pop it back in for a few minutes more. Ovens (and cakes) can be unpredictable. 

Do the washing up or load the dishwasher and thank whoever invented this life saver. 

Once the baking is done, take it out of the oven (switch the oven off – no one ever tells you to remember to do this in recipe books). 

Too hot to eat…

Leave to cool in the tin for a few minutes as it will be soft. Then carefully transfer to a cooling rack (I got a set of three of these on Amazon – you’re welcome).

Once cool, you can decorate with more cherries or just slice and serve. Cream or custard (dairy free if preferred) go well with this. 

Obviously you can skip the cherries or swap them for something else, try popcorn instead of quinoa, add extra chocolate, make a bigger batch. Basically, make it your own. Then send me the results – cake by post. 

My independent taste testers gave this tasty treat two thumbs up, so give it a go. 

*items provided by Indigo Herbs for the purposes of this recipe post. All opinions and recipes my own. 

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Foodie Post – Green Sisters Gluten Free Samosas

Now, if you pay attention you know I went to the Allergy & Free From Show a few weeks ago with my mum. 

One of the stalls I made a purchase from was Green Sisters – a small but growing business making delicious gluten free samosas and other snacks. I bought two packets of the frozen Party Pack – and we finally got around to munching our way through them. 

Gluten and wheat free, vegan friendly and delicious

We cooked ours in the oven but you can fry the samosas. However, from our experience you need to keep a weather eye on the oven as they quickly go from crisp to overdone. Although our oven is utterly rubbish, so it might just be us. 

Part of the display at the Free From Show

These are the first gluten free samosas I’ve seen and I highly recommend them as they’re delicious, freezable, and come in a range of tasty flavours. The team behind them were all super friendly and I’m always happy to support an independent business. 

Me, Sammy the Samosa, my mum
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Snackly box – gluten free goodies

Snackly is a monthly gluten free snack box, £7.95 a month.


I’ve had Graze boxes on and off for the last few years, but my friend Rehana was telling me that selecting a gluten & wheat free box from them left you mostly with raisins.

Snackly works a little differently from Graze. They curate a range of Free-From snacks from different producers across the UK. Whereas Graze manufacturer all their own treats.

I actually think this is really useful, it lets people know where they can order more suitable treats from.

This month’s box contains a mixture of mostly sweet things, previous boxes have contained more savoury snacks.


– Honeybun’s Minis Snowy Hills cake – ginger & polenta shortbread with lemon sponge topping.


– Ceeba Coconut Brittle – no syrup, no butter, gluten free, dairy free.


– Peace of Cake London Gingerbread bites


– Darling Spuds Handcooked Potato Chips – Crushed Natural Sea Salt


– Fudge Kitchen White Chocolate & Raspberry Gourmet Butter Fudge


– Plamil Organics Orange Chocolate with Cranberries – 60% cocoa


Do you get any snack boxes? What do you think a good snack box should contain? Let me know in the comments.