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Foodie Post – Green Sisters Gluten Free Samosas

Now, if you pay attention you know I went to the Allergy & Free From Show a few weeks ago with my mum. 

One of the stalls I made a purchase from was Green Sisters – a small but growing business making delicious gluten free samosas and other snacks. I bought two packets of the frozen Party Pack – and we finally got around to munching our way through them. 

Gluten and wheat free, vegan friendly and delicious

We cooked ours in the oven but you can fry the samosas. However, from our experience you need to keep a weather eye on the oven as they quickly go from crisp to overdone. Although our oven is utterly rubbish, so it might just be us. 

Part of the display at the Free From Show

These are the first gluten free samosas I’ve seen and I highly recommend them as they’re delicious, freezable, and come in a range of tasty flavours. The team behind them were all super friendly and I’m always happy to support an independent business. 

Me, Sammy the Samosa, my mum

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