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Blog Tour: The Mystery of the Homeless Man – Gina Cheyne

Why would an airline pilot exchange a world of comfort for life on the streets?
In 2006, Miranda meets an itinerant in the wood, she takes him home. He refuses to stay, desperate to return to the streets. Miranda gives him some money and forgets the incident.
Fifteen years later, the SeeMs Detective Agency is investigating an abandoned house and discovers a homeless man was found there: murdered.
No one knows who the dead man is or how he died, and, with one hundred and fifty unidentified street deaths per year, no one has time to find out.
But, the SeeMs Detectives have both time and a client.
Their investigation takes them into a surprising world of aviation, night-clubs and the homeless.
What they discover threatens one of their team. Can they save their colleague before the homeless man’s killer strikes again?

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Gina Cheyne is a retired helicopter pilot who has lived and worked in many countries.
At present she Lives in Chaos, although she originally came from Erehwon. Her schooling was so bad she had to be re-schooled by animals. She loves to laugh. Plays tennis badly, bridge slightly better,
golf even worse. She is exceptionally good at walking, unless it is muddy, then she is good at reading.

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My thoughts: this was a very convoluted crime novel, with a murderer who muddies the waters and at various points has different names and stories, all to confuse and mislead the detectives on their trail. The murdered homeless man is a victim many times over it seems, although he has a few things in his past that weighed on him.

Tracking down his old acquaintances, colleagues, family and lovers takes the team into the world of airline pilots and a complex web of relationships, accidents, enemies and the history of a house called Wild Garlic.

While they untangle the mess of the dead man’s life, one of their own is put in danger by a suspect. Can they unravel the story and save their friend in time?

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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