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Blog Tour: Mirror Lake – Juneau Black

The third novel in the Shady Hollow mystery series, in which Vera Vixen takes on her most challenging case yet: solving the murder of a rat who appears to still be alive.

Change is afoot in Shady Hollow, with an unusually tense election shaping up between long-serving Chief of Police Theodore Meade and Vera’s beau, Deputy Orville Braun. But the political tension takes a back seat when resident eccentric Dorothy Springfield becomes convinced her beloved husband, Edward, is dead, and that the rat claiming to be him is actually a fraud.

While most of the town dismisses Dorothy’s rants as nothing more than a delusion, Vera has her doubts. More than a few things don’t add up in the Springfield household, but Vera will have to tread carefully, since, with Orville’s attention on the election, she may be more exposed than ever.

My thoughts: a third outing for journalist and amateur sleuth Vera Vixen and possibly the most sneaky crimes yet.

When Dotty Springfield insists her husband has been replaced by an imposter, most of Shady Hollow’s residents dismiss her as crazy, but Vera smells a story, and follows the clues. Which take her on an interesting journey through the Springfield family’s history, and possibly puts her in danger.

She also has to see off an overbearing crime novelist, avoid getting dragged into local politics as the sheriff’s election race heats up and find time for plenty of delicious food.

This is a clever, funny, wry novel and highly enjoyable. I hope there’s more to come as Vera is an engaging protagonist and the crimes she investigates are entertaining and devious.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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