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Blog Tour: Poison Sky – Paul McNeive

Airplanes are mysteriously falling from the sky and a deadly toxin is spreading through the streets of the world’s major cities. New York, London and Munich are filled with panic, paranoia and terror. And nobody knows who’s behind it all. Somewhere, a twisted genius is masterminding a global crisis.

New York detective John Wyse and maverick cop Deke Hansen face the biggest challenge of their lives in a race to out-think the cunning and dangerous terrorists who are bringing the world to its knees using medieval warfare tactics. But the terrorists will stop at nothing to prevent Wyse unravelling their evil plot. As the bodies pile up, the threat suddenly gets very personal when the woman Wyse loves becomes a target. With time running out, Wyse has to convince his bosses that a powerful psychopath is taking deadly revenge in the most bizarre and unpredictable way. Can he persuade the authorities to act, or will he have to take the law into his own hands?

Poison Sky-“Sometimes the old ways, work better than the new!”

Signed trade paperback “A format” copies from the author’s website to readers in the UK. will be £16.99 (includes approx. £7.50 postage.) Amazon UK Amazon US

Living in the mountains of County Wicklow, Ireland, Paul McNeive is an author and motivational speaker and writes a weekly opinion column for the Irish Independent newspaper.

“Poison Sky” is Paul McNeive’s  second thriller and reflects his passion for fast paced stories, in international settings. “Poison Sky” continues to track the life of New York detective, John Wyse, as he pits his wits against  an evil genius bent on revenge, who has come up with an extraordinary plan to bring terror to western cities. 

Paul McNeive’s first thriller, “The Manhattan Project,” was published in Ireland by a UK publisher and was a bestseller. It was then published in the UK and there were subsidiary rights sales, including to Germany, and audio books. “The Manhattan Project” was inspired by Paul McNeive’s experiences as a double amputee with the dangers of antibiotic resistant bacteria. The novel was launched and championed by the then Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Dame Sally Davies, who proclaimed it a huge help in raising awareness of this global threat.

Paul McNeive’s first book, “Small Steps,” is an autobiographical business book, which tells how Paul McNeive applied the lessons he learned in rehabilitating from his accident, to his business career, and life generally, with great success. “Small Steps” was also a bestseller in Ireland. 

Paul McNeive is on the board of Ireland’s National Rehabilitation Hospital and is an ambassador for the Douglas Bader Foundation.

Paul has three children and lives with his wife Kate, and their lurcher, “Glenda,” who features in both thrillers.

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My thoughts: firstly, I loved Glenda the dog, based on the author’s own beloved family pet, all author’s should include animals, and the bit narrated by her was very funny.

The terrorist plot at the centre of this book was absolutely horrifying and brilliant at the same time – proof that some humans need their genius applied elsewhere so they don’t carry out such terrible things.

I really liked the team of Hansen, Wyse and Dani. They were incredibly smart, determined and knew all sorts of brilliant people who could help them solve the crime. I also thought Dani and Kate were brave and needed more Glenda the dog time.

Overall this was a shocking, gripping thrill ride, with global implications and utterly brilliant, if truly terrifying. I hope the author sticks to writing and doesn’t decide to become a super villain, he certainly has the ideas for it!

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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