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Quick Reads 2021: Celebrating 15 Years of Great Stories & a review of The Skylight by Louise Candlish

OYINKAN BRAITHWAITE: The Baby is Mine (Atlantic)
LOUISE CANDLISH: The Skylight (Simon & Schuster)
KATIE FFORDE: Saving the Day (Arrow)
PETER JAMES: Wish You Were Dead (Macmillan)
CAITLIN MORAN: How to Be a Woman, abridged (Ebury)

One in six adults in the UK – approximately 9 million people – find reading difficult, and one in three people do not regularly read for pleasure. Quick Reads, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, plays a vital role in addressing these shocking statistics by inspiring emergent readers, as well as those with little time or who have fallen out of the reading habit, with entertaining and accessible writing from the very best contemporary authors.

Over 5 million Quick Reads have been distributed since the life-changing programme launched in 2006. From 2020 – 2022, the initiative is supported by a philanthropic gift from bestselling author Jojo Moyes. This year, for every book bought until 31 July 2021, another copy will be gifted to help someone discover the joy of reading. ‘Buy one, gift one’ will see thousands of free books given to organisations across the UK to reach less confident readers and those with limited access to books – bring the joy and transformative benefits of reading to new audiences.

 Review of Louise Candlish’s The Skylight

They can’t see her, but she can see them… Simone has a secret. She likes to stand at her bathroom window and spy on the couple downstairs through their kitchen skylight. She knows what they eat for breakfast and who they’ve got over for dinner. She knows what mood they’re in before they even step out the door. There’s nothing wrong with looking, is there? Until one day Simone sees something through the skylight she is not expecting. Something that upsets her so much she begins to plot a terrible crime…

Louise Candlish is the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Other Passenger and thirteen other novels. Our House won the Crime & Thriller Book of the Year at the 2019 British Book Awards. It is now in development for a major TV series. Louise lives in London with her husband and daughter.

Louise Candlish, author of The Skylight (Simon & Schuster) said: It’s an honour to be involved in this [next] year’s Quick Reads. Reading set me on the right path when I was young and adrift and it means such a lot to me to be a part of literacy campaign that really does change lives.”

My thoughts: this was a short and sweet thriller, and I loved it. I recommend these books all the time – Quick Reads are perfect for your commute or when you take a break. I think it’s a fantastic project and the choice of books this year is great.

As always Louise Candlish crafts a brilliant and shocking story that could be going on behind any door on any street. Simone really hates her downstairs neighbours and has been spying on them through their skylight from her bathroom for a while.

Her buttons get pushed by something she sees and she decides to wreck a terrible revenge. She’s a selfish, rather monstrous person but so are some of the other characters, none of them could be described as innocent, except one. The claustrophobic nature of living so closely together doesn’t help, the loud music, the shared hallway, bring people into proximity that maybe otherwise would never meet, and be better for it. But Simone’s past actions make her more likely to behave badly, and have things take a turn for her too. A cracking read, with all the pleasure of a longer novel but without the length that puts some people off.

**Some of the above post contains extracts from a press release but the review is entirely my own words and opinions. I received a copy of the book in exchange for this post.**

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