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Blog Tour: Sorry It’s A Girl – A.A. Khan*

Lahore, 2018: In a city teeming with gossip and rumours, where the spoken word is as sharp as a whip, five women lead extraordinary lives.

Born into wealth and opulence, Maya and Arzoo are best friends, achieving everything that is expected of them, from top grades to entry into the exclusive Ivy League schools. Gliding through Lahore’s glittering soirees, Ariyana is the picture of perfection. Charming Laila is married to a business tycoon, living a life of luxury that others could only dream of. But life is rarely perfect…

In this world where image is everything and tradition prevails, these women struggle to negotiate friendships, family and society’s expectations. Beneath the designer clothes lie hidden scars and secrets that cannot be told. And in amongst it all, love blooms.

“People don’t know much about Pakistan and the 1%, and even more specifically the women from that society. Much like women all over the world, the characters in this book have universally experienced issues such as love, college, finding their identity and place as well as balancing tradition with more modern ideologies,” explains the author. “This story isn’t so much about how men treat women, but about how women treat one other.”

A.A Khan wrote Sorry it’s a Girl when she was pursuing her studies abroad and was thrown in to some unpredictable and life-changing challenges. The book became a breathing space for Khan, and a way to understand the complexities of her surroundings and her situation. The book in more ways than one helped Khan navigate the social fabric of society while carving out her own future.

Currently, Khan is a successful entrepreneur, business owner and family woman happily residing in Pakistan.

My thoughts:

This was a really interesting look at the extremely wealthy Pakistani 1%, with its ladies who lunch and plot their children’s entire lives out while showing off their designer clothes, bags and shoes, guzzling Diet Coke and trying not to eat much.

Their children, meanwhile, aim to control their own lives, and escape the backstabbing, gossipy world their parents inhabit. Heading off to internationally renowned universities in the hope of freeing themselves from their families’ plans and find themselves.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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