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Blog Tour: Charlotte McGee – Annabelle Lewis*

A family of billionaire grifters. A girl seeking true love. A con she didn’t see coming. Beautiful, sensitive Charlotte never fit in her family of American grifters.

Determined to make her own way in the world, she sets out for New York City with a new identity, certain no one will discover that she’s a Carrows. Wealthy. Powerful. Elite.

With anonymity comes the freedom to love. And to be loved for herself, not her money. She finds that in David Torres, her college boyfriend at NYU. But what will David do once he discovers he’s been dating a Carrows? Nothing good.

The heartbreaking devastation that David brings leaves Charlotte estranged from her family and alone. Or so she thinks.

With her mother’s help, they set out to right a grievous wrong.

Can they repair their broken family? Can they bring David to justice?

Charlotte McGee is the first book in the Carrows Family Chronicles series of billionaire romance suspense novels.

If you like exciting capers filled with glamour and romance, Book One will leave you delighted and eager for more!

Annabelle Lewis lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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My thoughts:

This was a fun read about family, revenge and being yourself. Charlotte is ashamed of her wealthy family of grifters and changes her last name so she isn’t immediately connected to them.

Moving to New York for college gives her a new start and she falls in love with David, an inspiring artist.

David isn’t as innocent as he thinks and takes advantage of Charlotte and her family.

Several years later the Carrows decide to fix things and go after David.

I enjoyed this story and really liked Charlotte and Pinky, less so Carey and Henry.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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