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Book review: The Ninth Rain – Jen Williams 

I won this book in a giveaway on Twitter and I was so pleased. I love Jen Williams’ Copper Cat trilogy, and couldn’t wait to get stuck into her new series. 
Luckily I wasn’t disappointed. As with her last series the story centres around a trio of misfit adventurers; Lady Vincenza ‘Vintage’ De Grazon, Tormalin the Oathless and Fell-Noon. 

These three odd fellows are drawn together into a tangle of conspiracy and war, complete with magic and chaos. 

An enemy thought long gone may rise again if they can’t bring back a dead god and save the world. 

Williams is a fantastic writer, she doesn’t sacrifice characters for plot or vice versa, which is often a struggle in fantasy writing. Her world building is consistent and highly imaginative. I got Miyazaki vibes from the creepy Behemoths and there’s an element of Norse mythology in the Eboran god, all of which I loved. 

I honestly cannot wait for the next book. The Ninth Rain is out now. 

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