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Latest in Beauty – The Perfume Society

LiB has teamed up with the Perfume Society to bring you three curated boxes of scent. I picked the Little Treasures box but you can also get Florals and Florientals and Designer Discoveries, depending on your preferences. The boxes are £12.95 each.


The scent that caught my eye and swayed me to pick this one was L’Occitane’s new The Vert Bigarade, which I tested in their store. The full size bottle is £45 and as it’s my birthday next month, is on my splurge list.


There are some scents I’ve never heard of tucked in here as well as brands like Yardley and Liz Earle.


The Perfume Society has included postcard guides to the included scents, of which there are ten.


This is a really good way to sample new scents and there’s also a discount voucher to join the Perfume Society. 


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