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What to watch: Killjoys

This sci fi romp on a budget, a UK/Canada production is an absolute hoot.

Killjoys are state sanctioned bounty hunts for whom “the warrant is all”, except when it’s not.


We follow a team of Killjoys on their adventures through the quad, four moons that belong to a mining corporation that pretty much everyone works for. There are a few exceptions, the bartender and his backroom addict doctor, the scarback monks for whom pain is holy, and the killjoys.

Dutch is the captain of this crew, a tough level 5 with a complicated history and demons of her own, Jonny and his brother D’avin make up the team and there’s not a lot of blood lost there.


With a sarcastic ship called Sally, people on their tail and bad guys to round up, it’s all go for our heroes as they try to piece together D’avin’s missing memories, find out why Dutch is seeing a ghost and avoid toxic black rain and other problems.


Personally I loved this, and hope not quite Firefly, it will definitely appeal to fans of the cancelled too soon Joss Whedon show. Season one has just ended on Syfy in the UK and season two is on the way. Catch up on demand or through your favourite internet loophole now.