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Little Known Box – Face Firsts

This month’s box is all about trying new things as it’s a new season (autumn!)

Peeks Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in shade Quick Sand. This is a matte brown-y colour which to be quite honest is not really my thing. It would probably be good on someone with a darker skin tone but not on my ridiculously pale face. 

Lash Unlimited Strip Lashes – another dud for me, I have naturally long, very pale lashes, so I’ve never bothered with falsies, but I do think they can look amazing.  

Nanshy 4-in-1 Marvel Blender – this is more my speed, I’ve really got into using a sponge blender so a spare is always welcome. 

Siskyn Skincare Oils Frankincense & Jasmine Night Facial Oil – this scented oil is a blend of 18 botanical oils to soothe, replenish and rejuvenate skin while you sleep. I am starting to get quite into oils – especially the new generation that neither dry you out or leave you looking like an oil slick. 

Epic Blend Vegan Lip Balm in Wild Berry – petroleum and gluten free lip balm. Added to my stash already. 

beauty, beauty boxes, make up, reviews

Little Known Box – Summer Nights 

Five new products this month and I’ve only seen one before. 

Glittereyes Pressed Glitter – new to the UK Glitter Eyes is a range of glitter in 30 colours, nontoxic, waterproof and easily removed even though it’s designed to stay put once applied. I am a glitter fiend and must have gone through a hundred pots of the old school Barry M Dazzle Dusts so this is right up my street. 

Amygdala Beauty have a range of single note solid perfumes which can be blended together or worn alone. Solid perfume is such a brilliant idea and I have a dozen kicking around. 

Fairypants Vegan Lip Balm in Peach Bellini bring on the lipbalms! This one is yummy. 

Bardou Immaculate Spray Dry Shampoo. Right confession time, I am on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo – one that isn’t too scented, doesn’t leave a weird dust and actually makes my hair matte and not in need of a wash. So I will try this and then throw it across a room in fury if it’s not the one. 

PHB Ethical Beauty Natural & Organic Black Eyeliner. I must be in a confessing mood today – I can’t line my eyes to match to save my life. One always looks great and the other just a sad mess. But I persevere. 

Quite happy with the range of items this month, a little bit of everything, and all of it that will get at least one use (I’m looking at you dry shampoo). 

Do you subscribe to Little Known Box? Would you like to? Tell me about your beauty confessions.  


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Little Known Box – Summer Starts Here

Five products, three fullsize plus one bonus treat – June’s Little Known Box is crammed with great beauty products to get your summer going. 

Oxynergy Paris Power Infuse Cushion Foam cleanser from France, a country that loves great skincare. Wash your face with this lightly scented foaming cleanser containing amino acids, copper, zinc, calcium and magnesium. 

Manna Kadar is a cruelty and paraben free brand from the US. Fantasy 3-in-1 is a powder blush, highlighter and eyeshadow in a nude blush pink suitable for all skin types. 

PHB’s Anti-aging Serum with Rose & Sea Buckthorn is vegan, cruelty free and Halal as well as being suitable for all skin types. It smells pretty good too. 

Lucy Annabella travel sized treatment oil for skin, face and hair. This has Orange and Marjoram oils for a restful mood. 

In the Buff Mineral Highlighter in Sunshine Glitz is a golden hued 100% natural ingredients and vegan glow.

Bonus: Creme of Nature 100% Pure Argan Oil & Leave in Conditioner samples.  

beauty, beauty boxes, make up, reviews, skincare

Little Known Box

This is a new subscription beauty box aiming to showcase (as the name suggests) lesser known brands.


Just launched, their first box contains five products, four of which are fullsize.


Flint + Flint Moisturiser 3x – this is a rich cream filled with good things for your skin to repair and regenerate your skin.


The Vintage Cosmetic Company rose gold eyelash curlers – these are pretty self explanatory, they’re eyelash curlers!

Medusa’s Make-up lip gloss in Space Invader – this cruelty-free US import is a pinky red with a hint of glitter.


Dirtea Exfoliating Coconut Scrub – this is the only sample sized product in the box, and at first I thought it was a teabag! It’s a body scrub made with black tea extract, coconut oil and and Himalayan pink salt. It also comes in Peppermint and Diamond, all designed to target different skin complaints.

Thumbs Up Nail Wraps – marble accented wraps designed to decorate your nails without damaging them. 

There are discounts available for every brand in the box, perfect if you find something you love and want more of.