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Review: Cancer Care Parcel

Cancer has affected everyone I know in some way or another.

When I was 18 my paternal grandmother died after a long fight against lung cancer that eventually spread through her whole body to her brain.

It was difficult to see her become weaker and more fragile. Cancer treatments were debilitating and had some pretty terrible side effects.

The people behind Cancer Care Parcel want to help alleviate some of the stress and worry patients and their families are dealing with.

Each package has been tailored with practical and fun items that meet specific needs.

I was kindly sent this Deluxe Box for women to share with you and it’s a fantastic assortment of items.

As well as their incredible boxes, which are available for all genders and children too, the website offers social networks, advice and information for cancer patients, family and friends.

I think that if you’re looking to buy a gift for someone dealing with cancer, one of these boxes could be a really good idea. And the parcels are now on sale too.

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My Little Garden Box 

This is April’s box, the reason for the delay was because I wanted to take photos of my box in the wild – I don’t have a garden but the bonkers weather meant I couldn’t get a break to find some grass and take some snaps. Let’s dive in. 

This garden to table lists the vegetables and fruit in season for every month. Eating seasonally is something I try to do – it works out cheaper when there’s an abundance and you get the best of the crop, sweeter strawberries in June for example. 

I have a larger version of this infuser bottle somewhere, pop your favourite fruits in the infuser core and fill the bottle with water. My favourite fruit combo is lime and watermelon – so refreshing. 

Recipe cards/magnetic shopping list – this has some of the MLB team’s favourite fruit based recipes and then pages to pop your shopping list on with a magnetic backing to stick neatly on the fridge. 

Ape Crunchy Coconut Bites – tasty little discs of crunchy coconut – yummy. 

A floral patterned green and blue square scarf which can be worn in a variety of ways – the last scarf MLB sent out is a firm favourite so this one will be too. 

This month’s beauty treats are all skincare savers. Mixa is a French skincare brand now available in Superdrug (home of many a beauty bargain). Suitable for sensitive skin (yay) this dermatologist tested paraben free moisturiser can be used all over – giving you soft summer skin. 

My Little Beauty Vitamin Shot Facial Scrub – made with bamboo extract, apricot seed powder and argan oil this twice weekly scrub will buff skin and leave you all shiny. 

My Little Beauty Easy Morning Skin Perfector – once you’ve rinsed off the scrub this moisturiser softens and smoothes skin with a subtle shimmer. Just remember to top with SPF! 

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My Little Christmas Box 

Look how festive this box is. With its green ribbon and candy cane. And it’s jam packed. 

There’s a Kanako art print with a message from the artist, My Little World magazine and loads of lovely treats. 

My Little Beauty Smokey Eye Duo – smokey eye make up has moved away from the greys and deep colours to these softer tones. Haven’t really had a play with these yet but I do quite like them together. 

Gingerbread candle – cinnamon and ginger are some of the smells of Christmas so this ties perfectly into the season. 

Cuff bracelet – gold tones with a hint of festive forest green.  I quite like this, it looks good next to my new velvet dress. 

Courrèges Hyperbole perfume – This perfume shares it’s name with one of my favourite words. It’s not a particularly heavy scent (although that might just be because I have a cold and can’t smell anything properly!) 

Kusmi Tea Tsarevna blend tea – this Russian blended black tea with orange peel, liquorice, vanilla and spice to give a whiff of Christmas. 

Tiptree Salted Caramel sauce – hands off! This is mine! I think this will be the perfect addition to my Christmas Day dessert. I love the mix of sweet and salt in this sauce and since I’m not having Christmas pudding (yuk!) I will add this to my sticky toffee pud instead. 

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Flipbalm Juicy Watermelon – I love lipbalm, especially in the winter months when my lips feel very dry and prone to cracking.  Plus this is a really cute pot. 

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Boxcitement ‘Under the Sea’ 

Because it’s summer all the lifestyle/stationery boxes seem to be off to the beach. 

Boxcitement has gone a little further and is exploring what’s beneath the waves. 

🐋fluro coral pendant 

🐳anchor notebook with pen

🐬photographic print in mount 

🐟note cards and envelopes 

🐠Dead Sea salt pamper kit

🐡nautical badges 

🐙mylar stencil to decorate with 

🐚starfish confetti 


the box’s contents are rather lovely and I can definitely see them getting some use. Here’s some close ups. 

I’ve already put the shell print up on the wall and the notebook has slipped into my bag for notes on the go. The badges will go on one of my bags, perhaps the beach bag that never gets a day out. 

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The Bookish Box – Fantasy Edition

I do love a box of book related goodies so I treated myself to a Bookish Box. They come from the States so take a while to get here, but they’re worth it. 

This month’s is Fantasy themed, one of my favourite genres, and every item has a link to a fantasy book or series. 

I don’t drink coffee but I live with a caffeine addict, so while I won’t get any use out of this Passive Juice Motel Saphira Eragon Blend Coffee someone else certainly will. 

I read the info card before I saw this so at first I was expecting a different kind of antler headband. However this is really cute and as I’m trying new hair styles in the heat, the Night and Day Baby Fantasy Antler Headband will be making an appearance on my head. 

This cute bangle from The Geeky Cauldron, inspired by Game of Thrones almost set me off again. *spoiler * the death of Hodor really upset me, he was probably the noblest soul in the series and in the books. 

Why is the coffee fuzzy?

The Mortal Instruments series isn’t one I’ve read so I may not be fully appreciating this tote bag from Fiction Tea, but since shops charge for plastic and canvas is washable, this will definitely be added to my hoard of shopping bags. 


Finally there’s the exclusive Appraising Pages t-shirt from the Bookish Box’s creators. This month’s is printed with a quote from one of the fathers of fantasy – J.R.R Tolkien. 

Hold the Door *sob*

I really like this box, even the packaging is lovely, and I’m pretty sure everything will get used and loved. 

Bag story

Are you a fantasy reader? Or a Bookish Box subscriber? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

A single dream…
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Lucky Dip Club

I’ve been curious about the Lucky Dip Club sub box for ages, but since I either sleep through the 7am subscription window or am travelling to work at that time, I always fail to score a box on the first of every month.

So I added myself to the reserves list and was lucky enough to score a spare box that way.


May’s box is essentially Spring in a box.


There’s seeds to attract bees and butterflies to your garden, a copy of Girl Planet zine, a patch to sew onto your bag or jacket, a funky cactus pin, a tote bag (essential hand bag kit or pay 5p every time you shop!) and a Super Sunflower, which I will use to jazz up my plant pots, all in a cute box that was delivered by a unicorn.


Are you a Lucky Dip Box subscriber? What are your thoughts? Let me know what you think below. 🌷🌸🌹🌺🌻🌼

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Yogi Surprise – first box

I have been trying to get back into yoga, it’s good for your body and also your mind, so I was delighted when Yogi Surprise started shipping internationally.


A box of treats and yoga tools – hopefully this will inspire me to practise more.

Mind Over Lather – mat cleaning spray in lavender mint – this smells heavenly and will hopefully prevent that sweaty rubber smell yoga mats give off after a while.

Natural Fitness hemp yoga strap – yoga straps help you get into some of the asanas or poses that are a little trickier if you’re not super flexible. Unfortunately they can also be expensive, so getting one in this box is great.


Bearded Brothers Fabulous Ginger Peach Energy Bar – the first ingredient is dates, which unfortunately means I will be passing on this – I find they overwhelm all other flavours and if I want to live on dates, I’ll buy Medjool ones from the little grocers on the corner.

Yoga Gangsters essential oils energy mist – I spritzed this on for the all important sniff test – it smells good but I didn’t feel instantly more energetic. Though apparently you should spray into the air and inhale deeply – I don’t think my asthmatic lungs will be too keen.


Gaiam Yoga Gloves – these grippy gloves help you keep yourself from slipping on sweaty palms and can be used without a mat. Great for practicing on the go.


Finally a beautiful bonus treat – a jade tree of life bracelet



This was in a little cloth bag, and is worth more than the box cost.

Jade encourages love, inner peace, balance and harmony, while the tree of life represents knowledge and wisdom. All things I could do with.

If you want to win a yoga retreat, they host a monthly prize draw on their social media pages, all you have to do is take a selfie of you and your box that’s fun. I guess a yoga pose with box is what they’re after.



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BuddhiBox – May + socks!


I ordered this through Etsy as international subscriptions are not currently available. It cost £20 but contents comes to approx £60.

I wanted April’s Goddess Yoga box but sadly so many of the items were out of stock so I got May’s instead.

– Sweat house Brands yoga towel and saucha spray – keeps your yoga mat fresh.

– Frisky Fish essential oil blend with lemon & lavender. Smells amazing.

– Below the Oak solid perfume in Vixen. I do like solid perfume and this one is subtle and warm.

– Lasting Smiles Peppermint Creme lip balm. I can’t get the lid off! But an organic, cruelty free lip balm is a win in my book.

– Poppy & Elle set of 3 headbands.

– Amazing Grass shake mix – super healthy blend of fruit, veg, greens and plant proteins.

– Go Macro cashew caramel snack bar – gluten free, vegan, macrobiotic. Not 90% dates ( which is brilliant as I’m sick of all the dates in health bars).

– Yokibics four AM meditation downloads.

– Recipe card – date and almond chocolates

– yoga pose card – bird of paradise

– inspirational quote card


I also got the toe socks from the April box as an apology for not being able to send me the box I asked for, which is very sweet and unexpected.

I do think this box is very good value for money, and you don’t have to be a yoga bunny to appreciate it. I just hope they start offering international subscriptions soon and then I won’t miss out.