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Mandalas and mindfulness


Mandala means ‘sacred circle’ and in Eastern cultures are symbols of wholeness and eternity.

They are often used as a form of art therapy as they are absorbing and meditative.

I’ve been trying to practice mindfulness and learn to control my anxiety better.


And this week I’ve been colouring as a way to relax the part of my brain that panics and worries, and stimulate my creative side again.

I got the first issue of Art Therapy magazine which had some interesting patterns to colour in.


I’ve got some colouring books for adults to work on, so far I’m quite enjoying it and I do feel calmer when I’m doing it.


I’ll be posting them over on my  Instagram so if you’re interested come and take a look.


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I went to my first Fit Club session last night, led by my friend Kayleigh and now I ache all over.

I am not remotely fit, but it’s time to remedy that, having spent the last few months changing my eating habits, I’ve decided my sloth-like habits need to as well.

Wednesday nights are Fit Club, and hopefully Thursday afternoon will be yoga, I’ve sent an email to a local yogi so fingers crossed there’s space in her class.

Bits of my body ache that I don’t really get why, and since I walk everywhere, really shouldn’t.

What’s your fitness routine? Are you a gym bunny or a sloth like me? 🙂 Let me know your favourite exercises/work outs in the comments.


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#5books7days – round up

So over on Instagram and Twitter this week I’ve been taking part in a readathon #5books7days which has been really enjoyable.
My five books were:
A real variety of books. Fantasy, autobiography, classic crime, and finally a book written by a friend of mine.


I haven’t read with purpose since uni, when I read for class or essay writing. Nowadays I read whatever takes my fancy, and sometimes I pick the wrong book. Life’s too short to read books that don’t hold my attention.

This was a really fun reading challenge, and I managed to make a tiny dent in the mountain of unread books, unfortunately it seems to grow while I sleep.