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Book Review: If I Should Die – Anna Smith

Private investigator Billie Carlson is back in the next gripping instalment of this utterly addictive series. Perfect for fans of Martina Cole and Marnie Riches.

PI Billie Carlson is in Cleveland, Ohio following a lead on the whereabouts of her son, Lucas. But when the trail goes cold, she is forced to return to Glasgow and a life of waiting and praying that one day she might see him again.

Back in the office and ready to throw herself into work, she picks up a call from Lars, an old friend from her teenage years in Sweden. He tells her some devastating news. His younger sister, Astrid, was found dead in the Highlands, frozen to death with traces of drugs and alcohol in her system.

The police are convinced that Astrid killed herself, but Lars knows his sister would never do such a thing. He begs Billie to investigate and to accompany Astrid’s body back to Sweden. Billie quickly agrees and soon finds herself involved in a web of institutional corruption linked to the dark recesses of the criminal underworld. Can Billie find out what happened to Astrid, or will she be silenced by those desperate to keep her from finding out the truth?

Published 11th May, available from all bookshops.

My thoughts: PI Billie Carlson is asked to go to the Highlands and bring the body of her friend’s younger sister home to Sweden after her shocking death. She digs into what happened to Astrid and finds herself embroiled in an international drug syndicate and a violent world hidden in the scenic Scottish countryside.

At the same time she’s also searching for her missing son – kidnapped and taken to the US by her ex-husband, she’s hired an American PI to search for her, one with connections on that side of the Atlantic, desperate for answers.

While her former colleagues build a case against the men who are responsible for Astrid’s death, Billie flies to New York hoping to be reunited with her toddler son.

There’s a lot going on in Billie’s life and with investigations on both sides of the pond, both personally important to her (but one more so than the other), she’s divided but wants both to come to a positive conclusion – to get justice for Astrid and for Lucas to be back where he belongs.

She’s an interesting character, with a bad habit of charging into danger and almost gets herself killed. Her secretary is called Millie, which made me laugh, and her relationships with her former cop colleagues are complicated, but they come through for her when she needs their help.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for my review but all opinions remain my own.

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