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Blog Tour: The Bone House – Caroline Mitchell

When hundreds of birds fall from the sky into Slayton’s lake in a terrifying freak event, the waters are dredged – revealing a dark, long-held secret.

An old pram is pulled from the depths, with the bones of a baby still strapped inside.

It’s the moment that new mother, Cora, has been dreading since she moved to Slayton – because someone knows, and is going to make her pay.

With the help of forensic anthropologist Sophia Hudson, and the extraordinary young Elliott Carter, Detective Sarah Noble gets to the bottom of a cold case that refuses to stay in the past. Will she survive the secrets of the bone house?

My thoughts: poor Cora, her childhood was pretty awful, her stepfather was a monster, and then in care, she was abused. She’s trying to start over, to rebuild her life with her baby daughter Millie, and her bookshop. But someone knows about her tragic past and is willing to expose her secrets.

Thankfully the police are more or less helpful and compassionate. At least Sarah is, she wants to help Cora, to punish the people who hurt her and protect her and Millie from harm. Can the two women triumph over the darkness that seems to have been following Cora her whole life?

The story goes to some dark and horrible places, filled with collections of bones and stories of witches and madness. There’s several really horrible deaths and some nasty people who don’t seem remotely sorry for the terrible things they’ve done. Cora isn’t one of them, I felt sorry for her, she’d been punished enough. Sarah is a great character, filled with righteousness and compassion, she’s kind and genuinely wants to help people. From the homeless man in the police station reception to her friend’s son Elliot. And now Cora.

Gripping and creepy, this was hugely enjoyable and with just the right amount of horror. Although I will be skipping Slayton on any holidays I take.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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