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Blog Tour: Home Sweet Home – Amy Lavelle

Four sisters. One house. It’s about to get messy…

Poppy, Saffron, Rosemary and Sorrell might be sisters, but they could not be more different…

Oldest Poppy has hit all the milestones before turning thirty, but constantly being in control is starting to feel a bit suffocating; peacemaker Saffron will do anything to keep her sisters together even at her own expense; Rosemary has crafted a perfect façade, but cracks in her engagement are beginning to surface; youngest Sorrell is pregnant after a one-night stand, and is determined to do it all on her own for once – without any help from her sisters!

But when they inherit their family home, the four must make the decision to keep or sell the house – and they’re about to discover that no one gets under your skin quite like family…

Can they ever put their differences aside and find a way to move forward together?

Heartwarming, uplifting and hilarious, Home Sweet Home is a novel about sisters, misunderstandings and growing up. Perfect for fans of Emma Gannon, Olivia Beirne and Helly Acton.

My thoughts: sibling relationships are complicated, and I only have the one sister. I think I’d go mad if there were more. In this book, there are four. All with floral names – Poppy, Saffron, Rosemary and Sorrel. All very different people, dealing with their lives in their own way. And now they’ve been given the family home to squabble over, as their rather absentee parents have decided to base themselves permanently in France.

This adds further strain to a not entirely harmonious sibling relationship. Poppy gave up her childhood to help look after her younger sisters, Saffron has always been the organiser, looking after the others, Rosemary feels a bit invisible and neglected and Sorrel as the youngest, would appreciate not being told what to do all the time.

None of them have ever really aired their resentments and grievances, so nobody realises how they feel, but somehow the house is bringing old grudges to the surface and it’s probably time to have it out so they can all move on.

Narrated in turn by each of the sisters, you see the stuff that’s really going on, how each of them feels unhappy with aspects of their lives, how they mess things up and how they feel they can’t talk to each other. Which is a bit sad really. Thankfully they do eventually actually sit down and talk, and deal with some of the stuff each of them has been hanging onto for years.

I really enjoyed this book, although I found the sisters a bit annoying in different ways, but was pleased when they finally got over themselves and made changes for the better. An interesting look at family dynamics.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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