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Blog Tour: Gin Palace – Tracy Whitwell

Ever since Tanz discovered she could speak with the dead, life has become a whole lot more interesting. But after putting herself in grave danger helping to solve a grisly murder, she’s now determined to ignore the voices and put all that nasty business behind her. So when she’s offered another acting gig in her hometown of Newcastle, it feels like a perfect opportunity to spend some time with family and have a laugh with old friends. But the dead won’t stay quiet for long. Soon Tanz is being drawn back into their world, and this time, the danger is much closer to home . . .

Tracy Whitwell was born, brought up and educated in the north-east of England. She wrote plays and short stories from an early age, then in the nineties moved to London where she became a busy actress on stage and screen. After having her son, she wound down the acting to concentrate on writing full time. Many projects followed until she finally found the courage to write her first novel – The Accidental Medium, a work of fiction based on a whole heap of crazy truth and now a trilogy, with more to come. Today, Tracy lives in north London with her son, surrounded by a neverending supply or Aperol Spritzes and a coven of friends as spooky as she is. Tracy is nothing like her lead character Tanz. (This is a lie.)

My thoughts: I love Tanz, The Accidental Medium was great so I was really pleased to read Gin Palace. I love her friends, I love her little mam. It’s just a really fun book. Even with the scary ghost.

Tanz is in Newcastle to play a supporting role in a TV show, although she’s not thrilled about it. I think it’s the mini skirt and bad hair. While she’s there, she encounters the ghost of a small boy and then a really horrible one that possesses her pal Milo and gives her nightmares. With Sheila out of action in London, it’s up to Tanz to exorcise this mean spirit.

Luckily she meets Gladys, a fierce old lady healer who gives her the boost she needs to sort out the spook. She’s also got enough time to befriend and help the lead actress in the show and have a Sunday roast with her parents.

Tanz packs a lot in, from ghost walks and a few G&Ts with Milo, to learning how to channel her powers better. And while she enjoys being back home, she misses her flat and of course her cat, Inka (who’s being spoiled with cheese by the nice neighbour).

She’s a great protagonist, down to earth, very funny and her relationship with Frank from beyond the grave, as a sort of spirit guide, is entertaining. I like quirky, eccentric people and Tanz definitely is one, talking to the dead in her no nonsense way and racing around sorting everyone else out. I hope in her next adventure, she takes a bit of time for herself too.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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