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Book Review: The Chase – Ava Glass


These are the instructions sent to new operative Emma Makepeace.

She’s been assigned to track down a man wanted by the Russians and bring him into MI5.

It should be easy. But the Russians have eyes everywhere.

Emma knows that if spotted she and her target will be killed.

What follows is a perilous chase through London’s night-time streets.

But in a city full of cameras, where can you hide?

AVA GLASS is a former crime reporter and civil servant. Her time working for the government introduced her to the world of spies, and she’s been fascinated by them ever since. She lives in the south of England.

My thoughts: this is a fast paced, high octane thriller as Emma Makepeace, who works for The Agency (which is neither MI5 or MI6) escorts the son of a Russian scientist on Putin’s hitlist through London to safety. London famously has an insane number of CCTV cameras and Emma and Michael must try to stay out of sight of them, the Russians seem to have control of them and Emma’s boss Ripley has disappeared. She can’t trust anyone else, the clock is ticking, and the enemy are on her heels. She’ll need to rely on her own cunning and training to survive.

I was hooked, this is not a book to read leisurely, you’re sucked in and I could not put it down. I know the streets they were racing through, along Regent’s Canal and trying to get across to Vauxhall and the famous MI6 building. I recognised so many of the places they passed through and I could easily imagine how hard it would be to keep hidden in a city that swarms with people all day but empties out very suddenly at night, leaving you exposed. I can’t wait to see what adventures Emma has next.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for reviewing it but all opinions remain my own.

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