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Blog Tour: Never Too Late – T.A. Williams

A second chance to realise her dreams…
A classically trained pianist, Steph works as a recording engineer for a small studio when she’s offered the job of a lifetime – travel to the Italian Riviera to help world-famous band, Royalty, record their reunion album after a decades-long hiatus.
Steph could definitely do with the distraction. Her boyfriend – who also happens to be her boss – is increasingly unreliable and erratic, and she’s awaiting news from her doctor after a recent biopsy. So an all-expenses-paid trip to Italy is the perfect escape.
What she doesn’t expect is an instant connection with Rob, the son of Royalty’s lead singer. With her career – and her heart – at a crossroads, what path will Steph follow?

I’m a man. And a pretty old man as well. I did languages at university a long time ago
and then lived and worked in France and Switzerland before going to Italy for seven years as ateacher of English. My Italian wife and I then came back to the UK with our little daughter (now long-since grown up) where I ran a big English language school for many years. We now live in a sleepy little village in Devonshire. I’ve been writing almost all my life but it was only nine years ago that I finally managed to find a publisher who liked my work enough to offer me my first contract.
The fact that I am now writing escapist romance is something I still find hard to explain. My early books were thrillers and historical novels and I now also write cozy crime, but my first love is romance. Maybe it’s because there are so many horrible things happening in the world today that I
feel I need to do my best to provide something to cheer my readers up. My books provide escapism to some gorgeous locations, even if travel to them is currently difficult.

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My thoughts: Trevor’s books are always set in stunning locations – this time the Tuscan hills above Florence, always make me really hungry (the Italian food, quick a bowl of pasta!) and there’s usually a sweet Labrador somewhere involved – this one’s called Waldorf!

Steph gets offered a great job, all expenses paid to record a new album for rock band Royalty in Tuscany, so she and boss/boyfriend (and idiot) head off. While they’re there, she decides the /boyfriend part is no longer a good idea, especially after she meets Waldorf and his owner, violinist (and son of the rock star she’s working for) Rob. They bond over music, sea swimming and how adorable his dog is (a man with a dog is instantly more attractive). But then she’s offered an even more incredible job – join Royalty as their new keyboardist and go on tour. But what will that mean for her fledging romance with Rob, who’s off on a tour of his own? And will it make her happy? There’s only one way to find out…

Another lovely romantic tale from one of my increasingly favourite authors, and in this freezing cold weather (I thought it was supposed to be Spring!) a trip to Italy is needed, even if it is via a book!

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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