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Blog Tour: The House That Made Us – Alice Cavanagh

One Day meets UpThe House That Made Us is a love story – and a life story – told through a series of photographs and inspired by a true story

When Mac and Marie marry and find a home of their own, Mac takes a snap of them outside their newbuild bungalow, the garden bare and the paint on the front door still wet. It becomes a tradition, this snap, and slowly the photographs build into an album of a fifty-year relationship.

Every year they take a photo and though things change around them – the garden matures, the fashions change, they grow older – the one constant is their love. Every year, come rain, come shine, from the Seventies through the decades, every photo tells the story of their love. But life never travels the path you expect it to, though they know that a life with love is a life lived to the full.

Now, in the present day, the photo album belongs to someone who doesn’t know the people in its pages. As they watch the lives from the past unfold, will the truth of their love story be told…?

A heart-breaking story about life and love for readers who love Holly Miller, Jojo Moyes and Hazel Prior.

My thoughts: this was a moving and heartfelt book about love, family and the bonds that hold us to one another. Every week our narrator visits an elderly woman and they look at a photo album, a yearly picture of a couple (and then a varying number of children and pets) each year taken in front of their house.

Who they are, and indeed who our narrator and his listener are, is slowly revealed through the pictures and the story behind them. The story of Mac and Marie, and their home.

At times very sad, and at others laugh out loud funny, the ups and downs of the couple and their extended family is a true celebration of what it is to build a life and make a house a home.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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