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Blog Tour: A Lobster Tale – Erica Manwaring

Laura Robinson can’t be doing with people. She understands the theory but seems to have failed the practical. One day she receives the gift of a lobster. The fact that no one else can see it is less astonishing than what it allows her to see – visions of people’s inner motivations and torments. Laura goes from knowing nothing about people, to knowing everything. Using her new superpower Laura finally gets the life her mother always wanted. But is she happy? To distract herself from that question, she sets out to pay her gift forward, with Lobster’s help. It’s tough saving the world but it’s simpler than dealing with the things Lobster is showing her about her own life. Must she really face why her father left and what happened to her as a child? She has been living underwater and it’s time to come up for air.

I learn for a living and write for fun. An extrovert by nature, for some reason I very much enjoy closeting myself in a room with imaginary people and letting them surprise me with what they say and do. Having worked in mental health improvement for many years I write about the struggles that people face and the strength they show in living with and overcoming them. 

I’m a single mum to the best thing I have ever done and a grateful resident of Scotland for over 25 years. I’m surrounded by a community of writers who have helped me achieve my dreams of seeing my work in print. This is my second book.

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My thoughts: Laura isn’t very happy, she’s better alone, or so she thinks. But when a little Lobster only she can see appears on her shoulder, showing her the truth about people, she relents and starts to let people in.

By doing so she also recovers the truth about something terrible that happened when she was a child, something she’d been told was imaginary. But in learning it really happened, can she find the strength to rebuild her broken relationship with her dad and sister? Will she trust people and maybe try to be happy?

I liked the idea of a little lobster pal on your shoulder, showing you the hidden bits of people, helping out with the emotional stuff. I struggle to read people too and get things wrong sometimes. Laura opens up because of the lobster and finds she can be happy and not just go through the motions.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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