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Blog Tour: Silverweed Road – Simon Crook

Welcome to Silverweed Road – a once quiet suburban street where nothing is quite as it seems. In this macabre collection of twisted tales, were-foxes prowl, a swimming pool turns predatory, a haunted urn plots revenge and a darts player makes a deal with the devil himself.

As the residents vanish one by one, a sinister mystery slowly unpeels, lurking in the Woods at the road’s dead-end.

Creepy, chilling, and witty by turn, Silverweed Road deals in love, loss, isolation, loneliness, obsession, greed,and revenge.

Come take a walk through suburban hell. The neighbours will be dying to meet you …

Simon Crook has been a film journalist for over 20 years, travelling the world visiting film sets and interviewing talent for Empire Magazine.

A new and exciting voice in domestic horror, he is perfectly placed to translate the recent successes of the genre from the silver screen to the written word – while adding something new and wholly his own.

My thoughts: this was super creepy, every house on Silverweed Road has a story and all of them end in death and disappearance. Interwoven with a retired detective’s personal notes on the mysteries of the road, this is a chilling, sinister book with a horrible truth at its heart.

Each chapter is a story within a story as the body count grows – why would anyone every want to live on Silverweed Road, I certainly wouldn’t. Don’t read this late at night and then look out the window – makes your own road look a bit more creepy.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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