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Blog Tour: Absent Victim – David Roy

No body, no motive, no name…so who did she kill?

When wealthy divorcee Stephanie Kuler asked a private detective to investigate a murder, he told her to go to the police instead. 

But when she told the rest of the story, he took the case. 

There was no body, no reason to kill and no name for her supposed victim, but she knew she was the murderer. 

Solving the mystery meant jail for her and a headache for him. Premonition, false memories, déjà vu…the mind playing tricks or reality distorted through time? 

The unmissable new thriller from David Roy explores the dark side of memory and its impact on us all.


David Roy was born in Bangor, Northern Ireland in the mid ’60s. After a number of years in the army he left a life in uniform to read for a degree, ultimately qualifying as a secondary school teacher.  

He is the author of many books, the first written in 1994 as an account of his service in the first Gulf War. His book ‘The Lost Man’, the first of his Ted Dexter adventures, featured on ITV ‘The Alan Titchmarsh Show’; where it was shortlisted in The People’s Novelist competition. 

As well as being a soldier, David has been a dishwasher, a teacher, a civil servant, a security guard, a welfare assistant and an ambulance crew member. He is married and now lives in the north of England with his wife and two daughters.

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My thoughts: this was a very clever and slightly strange tale. A woman insists she’s killed someone but doesn’t know who, when, how or why. The police aren’t interested, this is too silly for them but the narrator – a private investigator, agrees to try to solve this. He’s also got several other cases on the go so puts his best man – the rather peculiar Billy, on the case.

There’s absolutely no evidence to go on, the client barely exists online, she’s given them almost nothing to work with so it’s time for some rather unorthodox approaches, like hypnotism. It’s all twists and turns as they try to piece the truth together. Does the answer lie in Steph’s past? In the family she never knew or the care home she was raised in? How deep will they have to dig? And why does she seem so determined to send herself to prison? Answers will be revealed. (But not by me!)

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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