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Blog Tour: Lifesaving For Beginners – Josie Lloyd

In life’s stormy waters, it’s your friends who keep you afloat…

Maddy Wolfe’s life has just capsized. After her twenty-year marriage suddenly implodes, she heads to Brighton to search for her estranged son, Jamie. But he’s nowhere to be found and for the first time, she’s totally alone. That is, until she meets the Salty Sea-Gals, a group of feisty sea-swimmers.

Seventy-two-year old Helga is determined not to slow down, while thirty-something Tor is still figuring out who she is. Bereaved Dominica is trying to find a reason to carry on, and busy mum Claire is learning to put herself first for a change.

As their regular cold-water plunges become a lifeline for them all, Maddy starts to realise that these brave women might just help her find both Jamie and herself. Together, will they turn the tide?

My thoughts: this is a lovely heartwarming book that leaves you with the warm fuzzies. All the women are at different, complicated, points in their lives, struggling with their marriages, families, aging, themselves. But when they come together for a swim in the sea off Brighton beach, it all melts away. By talking to each other and helping one another out, they begin to be a bit happier, more confident, resolved.

Their intergenerational friendship – from thirties to seventies, is lovely to see. All of their life experiences shape them and enable them to help their friends with advice and experience. It’s a bit of a hug in a book.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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