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Blog Tour: The Apartment Upstairs – Lesley Kara

Scarlett’s aunt lived – and was brutally murdered – in the apartment upstairs. But Scarlett is determined that life should return to some kind of normal, even if that means living with just a ceiling between her and the scene of such a devastating crime. 

After all, this is her home. She’s safe here. Isn’t she?

Dee is busy balancing her job as a funeral director with organising an event to mark the disappearance of her best friend, ten years ago. She’s got enough on her plate without worrying about the threatening messages that are appearing on her company’s Facebook page.

When Scarlett approaches Dee about planning her aunt’s funeral, an unexpected link emerges between them. Together, the two women could uncover secrets that have long been buried. Even while someone wants to stop them digging . . . 

LESLEY KARA is the author of Sunday Times bestsellers The Rumour and Who Did You Tell? Her debut, The Rumour, was also a Kindle No.1 bestseller. She is an alumna of the Faber Academy ‘Writing a Novel’ course. She lives on the North Essex coast. You can follow Lesley on Twitter @LesleyKara or visit her website at

My thoughts: this was a clever, gripping story that twisted and turned, leading you on a strange journey into the case of a missing woman and a murder-suicide that might not be so clear cut.

Scarlett’s aunt Rebecca was murdered by her partner, who then killed himself, and Scarlett has returned to her flat in the house the two women shared. Her aunt lived upstairs and to allow Scarlett to better manage her ME, she lived downstairs. But a chance discovery of a card from a missing woman – Gina, sparks an investigation that could have dire consequences.

Dee runs an ethical funeral business with her best friend Lindsay, their other best friend was Gina. When Scarlett hires them to bury her aunt, they don’t realise the connection. Once they do, questions arise.

At times I couldn’t figure out where this was all going – was Scarlett’s brother Ollie responsible for Gina’s disappearance? Why was he so agitated about the summer house? Would Scarlett be ok? What about Dee? But as the answers were revealed and the truth brought to light, the cleverness of the plotting was also laid out.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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