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Blog Tour: The Wives of Crimson Avenue – Sadie Ryan

Ladies. Are you a perfect wife wanting to live in suburban utopia?
Then Crimson Avenue is for you!
Come and join other like-minded women in our idyllic community.
We might even let you into our little secret…

When a striking young woman turns up to Adele Love’s antique shop acting suspiciously and gives her a cryptic message …

Tell Sam that they know…

On leaving the shop, to Adele’s horror, the woman is bundled into a white van and abducted.

Beginning a search for the missing woman, DI Vincent Sullivan and DS Josephine Jenkins conduct their house-to-house investigations, which lead them into a sinister world of diamond smuggling and drugs, all happening behind the perfect façade of Crimson Avenue.

As the pressure mounts with the severity of the crimes committed, the wives close ranks and deny all knowledge.

But just as cracks begin to appear and the women start to turn on each other, they realise there’s also the small problem of Adele’s secret, which could get them all killed…

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Sadie Ryan is the author of three books. Her latest, Guilty came out in April 2021, a psychological thriller. She loves animals and lives in leafy Cheshire in the North West of England with her daughter and rescue dog. When not writing she spends her time reading, gardening, walking her dog or watching old black and white movies.

When asked where she gets her ideas from, she says, ‘From observation, inspiration and lots of wicked thoughts.’

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My thoughts: I’m not entirely sure the four friends at the centre of this book are really friends, as things unravel around them and their stupid act lands them in shark infested waters, their resentments and petty squabbles come to light and maybe they need to all find new pals.

Adele’s in the worst fix – her diamond dealer husband is missing, a strange woman just got kidnapped right in front of her and a Russian gangster is after some diamonds her stupid husband stole from him. And now the police are asking questions.

DI Sullivan and his team know the four women, the wives of Crimson Avenue, know a lot more than they’re saying, their strange behaviour is giving them away. He’d like to get home in time for dinner with his wife but until they start telling the truth, it’s going to be a long shift. Then the bodies start turning up.

Clever, more complicated than it first appears and with smart, savvy cops hot on the heels of the gangsters and certain the women are involved more seriously than as mere witnesses, this was an enjoyable and entertaining read.

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*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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