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Blog Tour: Bad Sweet Things – Maria Hoey

Keep your enemies close
But keep your friends closer…

Six women:

Each receive a copy of an old school group photo, in which their own face has been savagely scratched out.
Within a week, two of the women are dead.

Detective Sergeant Tina Bassett:

Known to colleagues as the Hound, she believes both women were murdered by the same person and that someone is intent on killing off the class of 98 one by one ..

As the death toll rises , DS Bassett finds herself in a desperate race against time, as she delves deeper into the past to help uncover the catalyst to the unfolding rampage in the present.

Will she succeed in stopping a killer hell bent on having their revenge ?

Or will the class of 98 finally pay their price ..

Bad Sweet Things is the new gripping Irish Crime thriller from Maria Hoey, perfect for fans of Jane Casey , Claire McGowan and Claire Allan.

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Maria is an author and poet from Dublin, Ireland.  Her poetry has appeared in Ireland’s foremost poetry publication, Poetry Ireland. Her short stories have featured in various publications and been shortlisted for a number of awards.  

In 2017, Maria’s debut novel, The Last Lost Girl was published by Poolbeg Press, and went on to be shortlisted for the Kate O’Brien Debut Award 2018.  

Maria’s second novel, On Bone Bridge was published by Poolbeg in 2018. She has also had a book for children published by Poolbeg in 2019, The Little Book of Irish Saints. 

Bad Sweet Things was published in 2021 and listed in the Amazon Kindle Bestseller chart (Irish Crime).

Maria has one daughter, Rebecca, and lives in Portmarnock, Co Dublin, with her husband, Garrett, and their moustachioed cat, Midge.

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My thoughts: teenage girls are monsters and what these women did back when they were teenagers was pretty awful, it went beyond the usual bullying and became something far nastier. It’s finally come back to haunt them, someone wants them to pay for their crimes. Or these are just unfortunate accidents – as DS Bassett’s boss, known as Colonel Mustard (he’s called Coleman) would prefer. But Tina knows there’s something a bit off about these things, something isn’t right and she’s determined to prove it.

Clever, twisting and gripping this really makes you rethink the way you might have behaved and whether someone might be coming for you! Tina is a great character, tenacious and smart, she follows her gut and chases the tiniest scraps of evidence to try to prevent more deaths before it’s too late.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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