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Blog Tour: The One – Claire Frost

What happens when you lose the love of your life just three months after you meet him?

Lottie Brown has finally found The One. Leo is everything she’s ever wanted – he’s handsome, kind, funny and totally gets her. Three months into their relationship, Lottie is in love and happier than ever before. 

But then Leo tragically dies, and Lottie is left floundering.

As she struggles to stop her life falling apart, Lottie learns more about the man she thought she knew, and starts to question whether Leo really was as perfect as he seemed…

The brand-new heart-breaking novel of love, loss and learning to live again, from the acclaimed author of MARRIED AT FIRST SWIPE. Perfect for fans of Paige Toon, Holly Miller and Rosie Walsh.

My thoughts: I vaguely remember that heady rush at the start of a new relationship (I’ve been with my husband for 12 years) that mean you don’t notice the things the other person doesn’t say, the questions they avoid answering and the ugly bits of themselves they don’t like to show. Which is where Lottie is when Leo dies, three months into their relationship.

It’s only after he’s gone and she starts to learn a little bit more about him, mostly from his cousin Ross, that she starts to realise that perhaps their perfect three month old relationship wasn’t all that perfect and that maybe she needs to find a way to move forward with her life and let go of the idealised version in her head.

I liked Lottie, grief is a strange and bewildering emotion – you’re not always the most logical or balanced version of yourself and you do lash out and try to numb yourself as Lottie does. You’re mad at the universe and brokenhearted and furious and sad and lost. Sometimes all at the same time. She’s very lucky to have her sisters, her friends, and even Leo’s family, that support, however you react, makes a huge difference.

I liked Lottie even more as she healed, as she started to make changes, to find her way back to herself, from applying for what sounds like an amazing job (if it was real I’d be applying for it), to finally forgiving herself and building better relationships with her family and friends. The hopefulness at the end of the book was heartwarming and joyful. A funny, sad, happy sort of book, one that will maybe make you think differently about what love is.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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