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Book Reviews: Henry Crowne Paying the Price Books 3&4; No Turning Back & Spy Shadows – Freddie P. Peters

A whistle-blower targeted by a car bomb,

A new terror cell in London,

A former IRA operative seeking redemption…

The gruesome execution of a notorious thief and an assassination attempt on a high-finance executive turned whistle-blower throw former QC Nancy Wu and Inspector Jonathan Pole into a race to defuse the threat of a new terror group. The stakes are considerable and they need help…

Can Henry Crowne, disgraced financier and past IRA operative find redemption in lending his expertise to the case or will he have to give much more…his life perhaps?

NO TURNING BACK is a political and espionage thriller, the third book in the ‘Henry Crowne: Paying the Price’ series. If you liked Dance with the Enemy by Rob Sinclair , Deep State by L.T. Ryan or the TV series Informer, and McMafia you will enjoy the twists and turns of Freddie P. Peters’ latest fast-paced thriller. Discover it now…

The most wanted INTERPOL fugitive,

The most destructive Terror Group in the world,

The most impossible British Intelligence Services’ mission…

Henry Crowne, disgraced financier and former IRA operative has escaped London’s top high-security prison with the unexpected help of MI6.

His mission…infiltrate an emerging terror group that has already claimed many lives in the West and threatens to destabilise the Middle East further. Henry’s perilous journey leads him to the group’s centre of power in Syria and Iraq. His aim, to meet the elusive man who runs a merciless war against those who oppose him.

But Henry decides to help Mattie Colmore, a war reporter hostage. Can he still hide in plain sight, bring back the information the West desperately need to defeat Islamic State and save Mattie at the same time?

SHY SHADOWS is an political and espionage thriller, the fourth in the “Henry Crowne, Paying The Price” series. If you liked Rob Sinclair’s SLEEPER 13, L.T Ryan’s NOBLE BEGINNINGS or the TV series MacMafia or Spooks, you will enjoy the twists and turns of Freddie P Peters’ latest fierce-paced thriller.

Read my review of the first two books in this series here.

My thoughts: Henry Crowne is an interesting character, a former IRA operative, a high flying financier and now a prisoner in Britain’s most secure prison. But the his expertise is needed again. This time to bring down a terrorist organisation using the banking system to fund itself. MI6 are very keen to get Henry involved, much to the concern of his friend and lawyer Nancy Wu.

Assisting in a case for the Serious Fraud Office and the Met, he’s suddenly freed from prison and on his way to the Middle East, leaving Nancy completely lost and worried about her friend.

Then in book 4, Spy Shadows, we jump forward several months, and now Henry and his handler Wasim are in Syria, working undercover with ISIL, offering Henry’s know how to help the organisation funnel its money and trade enough to be self sustaining, right under the noses of various international agencies. But it’s highly dangerous and full of risks.

Can Henry convince these murderous men that he’s one of them, a true believer and willing to aid in their crimes or will they continue to see him as a kafir – a foreigner? And when he decides to rescue a hostage, journalist Mattie, he puts his life, and the mission on the line.

Spy Shadows is very differently in tone from the previous books, not only do we lose Nancy and Inspector Pole, but it’s a lot more action packed and less focused on financial crimes, for obvious reasons. Spending time with terrorists currently trying to gain more land and waging jihad, is going to be a lot riskier than working out where people are hiding their money. Henry has had to step up and get his hands dirty, something he avoided doing while with the IRA.

There’s also a lot of behind the scenes intrigue and negotiating at MI6, not least because Mattie’s estranged father is an MP and starts throwing his weight around.

It’s an interesting new direction for the series and will certainly open it up in terms of what Henry can do and where he can go now he’s an MI6 asset. I just hope he lets his friends back in London know he’s OK.

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