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Blog Tour: The Cold Killer – Ross Greenwood

It’s hard to live when you think you deserve to die…
When a tired old inmate is found dead in his cell, the prison is obligated to investigate and so DI Barton attends. The men he interviews have been convicted of some of the worst things a human being can do, but it appears likely that the death was due to natural causes.
When the house of the dead man is burgled and that crime is followed by a suspicious fire, Barton desperately needs to speak to his widow, but she’s nowhere to be found.
In the space of twenty-four hours, everyone he wants to talk to has vanished. Then he receives some post which makes him believe he could be the next to disappear.
Barton’s investigation goes full circle, through a series of brutal murders, back to the prison, and all signs are pointing to the fact that he’s made a terrible mistake.
There’s a violent killer on the loose, who wants everyone to learn that some people deserve to die.
DI Barton is back as Ross Greenwood continues with his bestselling series, perfect for fans of Mark Billingham and Ian Rankin.

Ross Greenwood is the bestselling author of eight crime thrillers. Before becoming a
full-time writer he was most recently a prison officer and so worked everyday with murderers, rapists and thieves for four years. He lives in Peterborough.

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My thoughts: this was clever, dark and twisty, I was honestly not sure who our unreliable narrator was at all, I thought it was one man but maybe it was another?

I go to Peterborough a fair bit across the year as my husband plays para-ice hockey there, but thankfully I’ve never stumbled across any terrible things like in this book, I don’t think I’d feel the same about it if I did, the cathedral’s nice if you’re over that way, Katherine of Aragon is buried there.

Back to the book – as well as hunting down a revenge killer, DI Barton is dealing with his mum’s increasing dementia, slowly losing her bit by bit. It’s a horrible disease and awful for the family to go through. He’s overtired and stressed, but chugs down the coffee and McDonald’s breakfast muffins in a bit to keep going. The killer might be murdering terrible people – but no one is above the law.

It’s all very well done, and kept me guessing, especially as a crucial witness is absent for pretty much the entire time and I kept wondering where they were, but it’s all worth it in this compelling and cold as ice book.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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