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Blog Tour: The Fallen in Soura Heights – Amanda Jaeger

Fey Anderson has dreamt about Soura Heights and how picture-perfect it appears to be. What she never expected was for her husband’s body to be found in the forest. Determined to find out the truth behind his death, she moves there and finds herself weaving into the fabric of the small town.

But things aren’t always as they seem. As she learns more about Bruce’s “accident,” she unravels secrets about the town and its people she wishes she never learned. It’s all about survival in Soura Heights. Will Fey uncover what happened and bring justice for her husband, or will she be the next to fall?

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Amanda Jaeger has always had an interest in true crime, suspense, and mystery. As a long form copywriter, she has always had a hand in writing creatively for businesses to boost their income.  She’s the wife of her college sweetheart and the mother of two spit-fire girls, but she’s also been a sign language interpreter, transcriptionist, and a book slinger. Working with words isn’t her job, it’s her career. Now, she uses her knowledge and experience in engaging an audience and applies it into her author career, crafting suspense and mystery to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Residing in Virginia, you can bet on Amanda listening to true crime podcasts, watching cold case documentaries, and playing with her kids. (Not simultaneously.) Website Goodreads  Instagram Twitter

My thoughts: this felt like a grown up Little Red Riding Hood with its “stay out of the forest and don’t stray from the path” warning. Fey is vulnerable and young, at only 20 she’s just lost her husband, high school sweetheart, Bruce and has moved to Soura Heights to investigate his death. Swept under the wing of Frankie, the local diner owner, she’s not making much progress in solving Bruce’s death. But there’s definitely something weird going on.

Dealing with grief in fiction can be hard, but Fey’s listlessness and constant memories help the reader understand her pain, she’s drifting through her life and trying to survive each day as it comes, surrounded by people she doesn’t know that well, and with only a potted fern for company.

Her obsession with and fear of the forest grows as the anniversary of Bruce’s death, and her birthday, approaches. Frankie’s overzealous insistence on a birthday surprise, a treat, should maybe have triggered a few concerns but Fey just plods along. When she learns the truth however, she’s galvanised into action. She can’t bring Bruce back but she can change the future for herself and others. An intriguing modern horror story featuring the one thing humans have always feared – the forest and the things that dwell within.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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