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Blog Tour: The Island House – Amanda Brittany


When Alice’s father dies after a tragic hit and run, his death stirs up unanswered questions about her childhood. Who was her mother, why did her father never speak of the past, and why can’t she remember anything before the age of seven?


But when she receives an anonymous letter containing a photograph of a refurbished gothic guesthouse surrounded by water, and an invitation to stay, old memories fight to resurface.

Alice has visited before. She is certain of it.


Convinced the clues to her past lie at the hotel, she checks in. But once on the island, a wild storm rages, waves crash violently into the rocks, and the house is cut off by the roaring sea.

Then two guests are found dead. And the hotel owner is missing. Will Alice ever uncover her secret past?

And will anyone leave the island alive?

My thoughts: this was a creepy story, set in a forbidding Gothic house on an island cut off from the mainland for most of the day, the perfect place for a deranged killer to take down their victims.

The way the truth is revealed is cleverly done and very sinister. I’ve always thought puppets were a bit weird. Alice’s dad really shouldn’t have left her with so little information – she might have avoided Flynn House if he’d given her at least some idea of their history.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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