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Blog Tour: Sophomania – Danielle Zinn*

When Detective Inspector Nathaniel Thomas is presented with an anonymous letter and three
unexplained deaths in less than twenty-four hours, he realizes that his idyllic home village, Crottendorf, masks a turbulent reality. Summoning his trusted colleague, DS Ann Collins, Thomas begins to unravel what quickly becomes an overwhelming mountain of conflicting evidence.
So many secrets. So many lies. So many attempts to cover things up.
All is not as it first appears and it proves a lot harder to pin down the killer who prides himself on
being more than one step ahead of the DI.
A deeply rooted family tragedy, greed and vengeance are at the core of this crime novel. The twists and turns of Sophomania leave you wondering to the very end who the real murderer is—or if there may actually be more than one killer on the loose in the anything-but-sleepy village of Crottendorf.

Danielle Zinn is a German author, born and raised in a small village in the Ore Mountains/Germany
where not only her debut crime novel Snow Light is set but also her second book, Sophomania.
She holds a BA (Hons) degree in Business and Management from New College Durham/UK and has settled down in Leipzig/Germany where she works as a Financial Controller at an IT Consultancy.
She was introduced to the world of English literature and writing from an early age on through her mother – an English teacher. Over the last years, she circumnavigated the globe and loves visiting her friends scattered all over the world.

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My thoughts: this was a really interesting and enjoyable crime thriller, set in a small German town. Murdered twins, missing nuns, family secrets and babysitting his best friend’s daughter (and her dog), DI Nathaniel Thomas has his hands full, and that’s before he has to deal with his colleague’s instant dislike of their new team member.

After receiving a mummified finger in the post, a roofer falls to her death and then someone kills his dentist. Nat is at a lost as to how and why someone is killing off members of the same family, even the matriarch could be a suspect! The case has him chasing clues all over town and much to his boss’ dismay, the bodies keep coming.

In the end, there’s several shocking twists before he finally catches the villain of the piece. His theory about it being at least one of the seven deadly sins – something we’re all guilty of sometimes, is clever and not entirely wrong.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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