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Blog Tour: The Murder of Graham Catton*

Everyone says Graham Catton was the perfect husband, professor and father. Why would someone murder him? His wife, Hannah Catton, tells the police she remembers nothing from the night of the murder. Why would she lie to them? Evidence against the accused, Mike Philips, is minimal and he protests his innocence throughout the trial. Why would they convict him? Journalist Anna Byers has overturned numerous prison sentences with her popular podcast CONVICTION and she believes the wrong man is behind bars. What will she do to help him? Someone knows more about the murder than they’re telling. It may have been Hannah’s husband who was killed, but listeners are about to become judge, jury and executioner on this season of CONVICTION.

Katie is a graduate of the University of Birmingham with a BA(Hons) in English and an MPhil in Literature and Modernity, and in 2012 started her blog, Fat Girl PhD – writing about body image, feminism and health. Her writing has appeared in the Guardian, the Independent, and the BBC, as well as a number of media outlets in the US, Canada and Australia. Katie is currently working on a PhD in Female Rage in Literary Modernism and the #MeToo Era. THE FURIES is her first novel.

My thoughts: the true crime podcast has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and this is an interesting take on the genre of true crime podcast novels. Instead of following the investigator/host it follows the family of a victim and possibly a suspect for the killing.

Hannah has tried to move on from her husband’s brutal murder, tried to protect her daughter from it too. But a podcast is about to dig it all up again.

The way this novel unwinds, flipping between Hannah trying to do her job as a psychiatrist and the podcast episodes, the reactions of her daughter Evie and colleagues, patients and strangers, is really interesting. Hannah’s memory isn’t reliable and as events get more and more frightening, is she beginning to crack under the pressure?

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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