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Blog Tour: The Girl on the Platform – Bryony Pearce*

A missing child. A single witness.

I am the girl on the platform.

When new mother Bridget catches her train home from London, she witnesses something terrible: a young girl is taken from the platform, right before her eyes.

No one knows where I am.

But no one is reported missing and with Bridget the only witness, she is written off as an attention seeker. Nobody believes her – not even her own husband.

Can you find me?

But Bridget knows what she saw, and becomes consumed with finding the little girl. Only she can save the child’s life… but could delving into the mystery cost Bridget her own?

A dark and absorbing thriller with the impact of memorable series like Broadchurch or The Missing, perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train and Erin Kinsley’s Found.

My thoughts:

This was a clever and enjoyable thriller, exploring ideas of memory and mental illness.

While suffering from post natal depression, a terrible condition, and on medication, Bridget sees a child being abducted from a train station platform. But no one believes her.

Unable to trust her memory, and her rather terrifying mother, scared she might lose her baby daughter, she tries to prove she saw a crime and isn’t crazy.

As someone who lives with depression and anxiety, I completely understood how frustrating Bridget found things, people so easily blame your mental health when you seem a little unsure about things. It’s a cruel trope and unfair. Just because you’re unwell doesn’t mean you can’t see things or be trusted.

Bridget’s mother is the one spreading doubt about her health, manipulating events and causing fractures in Bridget’s marriage. I really didn’t like her from the off.

The final act is full of twists and surprises, and takes this into darker territory. I wasn’t expecting any of it and it was cleverly done.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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