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Blog Tour: The Witness – Terry Lynn Thomas*


Teenager Ebby Engstrom witnesses a murder – and then passes out. The next morning, he wakes in his bed with no memory of how he got there, and is told his mother was stabbed to death the previous night.

Thirty years later, the case has gone cold, with numerous suspects but no new clues – until Ebby starts having uncontrollable flashbacks to that night. As repressed memories surface, he questions his own role in the murder, leading to a dramatic confession and Ebby’s arrest.

Family friend and attorney Olivia Sinclair is convinced of Ebby’s innocence, but the only way to clear his name is to find the real killer herself. And it seems almost everyone connected to the Engstrom family had a reason to want Cynthia dead…

My thoughts:

I hadn’t read the first Olivia Sinclair book but this stands up perfectly well without needing to.

Ebby Engstrom is starting to remember flashes of the night his mother was brutally murdered, and he’s worried he might have been the killer. Can Olivia prove him wrong?

The unravelling of the events that happened 30 years ago is cleverly done, pretty much everyone’s a suspect and as the secrets come out it gets more tangled and the finger could be pointed at a growing number of family members.

While dealing with this case, Olivia also gets involved with her friend and colleague Brian’s suspicious new girlfriend – is she who she says she is?

Both cases are convoluted but hold the reader’s interest nicely, and don’t distract from each other. The supporting cast of characters is interesting too – Ebby’s brother is awful, but his aunts and friends seem lovely.

I really enjoyed the way suspense is built with both cases and how Olivia cuts quickly through all the legal shenanigans and gets to the truth. The shocking revelations about the Engstroms is handled very nicely. An excellent and enjoyable legal thriller. I aim to go back to book one in the series to fill out the back story a bit more before book three is released.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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