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Blog Tour: Slow Motion – Jennifer Pierce*

Westview belongs on a postcard. Quaint, picture-perfect, a tiny New England town steeped in history and traditions.

Angela has always been everything people in Westview want her to be. She’s supposed to be happy here, but she’s starting to see all the flaws in her seemingly-perfect life and she’s afraid that everyone else will notice, too.

Now, she wants something more than small towns, something bigger than the life planned out for her by a family that has designed and destroyed reputations in Westview for generations.

Owen knows that history can be a lot of lies depending on who tells the story and he’s just discovered the truth about how Westview became a drowned town a century ago. But all he wants is to run away from his own past, from the bad decisions he’s made and the tragedies still haunting him. He’s focused on the future and proving people wrong, even though that means keeping secrets from his friends.

Long before they understood the rumours and grudges that rule their hometown, Angela and Owen were friends for one perfect summer.

Now, as they navigate their senior year of high school and Westview celebrates its Tricentennial, they are reunited, discovering truths about themselves, each other, and the ways their community has been shaped by secrets, lies, and a devastating obsession with perfection.

Jennifer Pierce is a graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, where she earned a degree in Creative Writing & Literature.

Upon graduation, she moved to England to obtain her Master’s in Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. Jennifer has worked with lifestyle websites and academic publishers in Ireland, England, and the United States.

She is currently an Editorial Project Manager at Elsevier and resides in Boston.

Slow Motion is her first novel.


My thoughts:

This was a moving and bittersweet novel about growing up and moving on. Realising her home town and life look perfect from the outside, her growing dissatisfaction causes Angela to reevaluate things. She doesn’t want to do what everyone expects her to, doesn’t want to attend the same college her parents did, doesn’t want to spend her life in the small town she grew up in.

A chance encounter with Owen, a childhood friend, adds to her desire to make changes and as she and Owen grow closer, both start to become different people.

Love, friendship and the past collide in this beautiful, lyrical story. The language is soothing and flows well, like the water in the town’s famous reservoir. The images of blue water resonate through the novel, creating a sense of calm waiting to be shattered, like a pool as someone dives in.

A wonderful first novel from an exciting new voice, inspired by her own home town.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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