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Blog Tour: Sandman – Anna Legat*

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The fourth instalment in the gripping DI Gillian Marsh series.

When Christmas shoppers board the 7.15am train to Bath Spa, they don’t expect to never see their loved ones again.

When a co-ordinated terrorist attack derails the train, the passengers are left fighting for their lives. For Andrej the train driver, Harald the Zimbabwean farmer and Oscar the war veteran travelling with his grandson, life will never be the same again.

As the manhunt for the terrorists begins, DI Gillian Marsh must act on her instincts to find the ones responsible for this tragic attack.

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Anna Legat is a Wiltshire-based author, best known for her DI Gillian Marsh murder mystery series. She dabbles in a wide variety of genres, ranging from satire to dystopian. A globe-trotter and Jack-of-all-trades, Anna has been an attorney, legal adviser, a silver-service waitress, a school teacher and a librarian.

A globe-trotter and Jack-of-all-trades, Anna has been an attorney, legal adviser, a silver-service waitress, a school teacher and a librarian.

She read law at the University of South Africa and Warsaw University, then gained teaching qualifications in New Zealand.

She has lived in far-flung places all over the world where she delighted in people-watching and collecting precious life experiences for her stories. Anna writes, reads, lives and breathes books and can no longer tell the difference between fact and fiction.

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My thoughts:

Christmas is coming in this gripping, moving crime thriller that brings global terrorism to the Gloucestershire countryside.

We meet various members of the local area – from Pippa and Harry whose estranged son has finally written to them, to their neighbours, young engineering students, a train driver and his homesick wife, a former Para and the young boy he feels responsible for. All of them will be thrown together in a terrible, tragic way.

DI Gillian Marsh, never call her Gill, is supposed to be on holiday, her daughter’s getting engaged and she’s a bit stressed out. But this case is person and she will find the perpetrators.

Marsh is an excellent protagonist, her determination and experience make her a great detective and its her instincts and drive that mean she’s the best placed person to get justice for the victims.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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