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Blog Tour: The Black Coast Mike Brooks*

War Dragons. Fearsome Raiders. A Daemonic Warlord on the Rise.

When the citizens of Black Keep see ships on the horizon, terror takes them because they know who is coming: for generations, the keep has been raided by the fearsome clanspeople of Tjakorsha. Saddling their war dragons, Black Keep’s warriors rush to defend their home only to discover that the clanspeople have not come to pillage at all. Driven from their own land by a daemonic despot who prophesises the end of the world, the raiders come in search of a new home . . .

Meanwhile the wider continent of Narida is lurching toward war. Black Keep is about to be caught in the crossfire – if only its new mismatched society can survive.

My thoughts:

This was a really good, solid fantasy book, it’s also nice and chunky with lots to get your teeth into as a reader.

Setting up a new series can be tricky but this balances world building and lore with characters and a plot that draws you in, gets you invested – especially in the events in Black Keep, and starts building out the overarching narrative of conflict and politic machinations gone awry.

I liked the way the two very different societies start to get along, learning each others’ culture and traditions, beliefs and languages. They come together over festivities and sport, defending their home and feeding themselves. The author says the Brexit referendum sparked this book and I can see how – we are more alike than we care to admit – is a bit theme here.

It’s not just in Black Keep, the burgeoning relationship between Jeya and Galem also reflects this – though from different cultures and classes, they form a bond, which I imagine will only become stronger as the series progresses.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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