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Blog Tour: Close Your Eyes – Rachel Abbott*

Don’t let him under your skin. He’ll destroy you.

Don’t fight him. He’ll win.
Run. Never let him find you.

I thought I was safe here, but I’m not. I’ve stayed too long.
Now Genevieve is dead, and the police are on their way. It’s time for me to go. I must stick to the plan – the one I made the day I arrived in this city. My bag is packed. It always is. I will destroy every shred of evidence of my existence. The police must never find me. If they do, so will he.
I made a mistake, and someone had to die. But I’m the one who has truly lost her life. I need to make a choice. If I keep running, I’ll never stop.
If I go back, he will make me suffer.
How many lives can one person ruin?

A Tom Douglas thrillerRachel Abbott is a British author of psychological thrillers. As a self-published author, her first nine novels (and one novella) in the DCI Tom Douglas series have combined to sell over four million copies and have all been bestsellers on Amazon’s Kindle store. In 2015, she was named the number one bestselling self-
published author in the UK and the 14th bestselling author (both published and self-published) over the previous five years on Amazon’s Kindle in the UK.

In 2017, following a five-way auction, Abbott signed a two-book deal with Headline Publishing Group. The first book, And So It Begins, was published in 2018 and features Sergeant Stephanie King. The second book in this series, The Murder Game was released in April 2020. Her books have now been translated into over 20 languages.
Abbott’s writing career began in 2009, when she decided to write a book about a woman facing a situation
which gave her no option but to commit murder. In November 2011, Abbott published the story – Only the
Innocent – on Amazon. Abbott followed up Only the Innocent with The Back Road, Sleep Tight, Stranger Child, Kill Me Again, The Sixth Window, Come A Little Closer, The Shape of Lies and Right Behind You. All the thrillers in this series focus on the victims and perpetrators of the crimes, and the complex relationships that exist between protagonist and antagonist. This series features Detective Chief Inspector Tom Douglas.

Abbott grew up near Manchester, England. She worked as a systems analyst, and then founded an
interactive media company, developing software and websites for the education market. When she sold
the company in 2000, she moved to Italy where she restored a 15th-century Italian monastery. For a time she and her husband operated the property as a venue for weddings and holidays.

She now lives on the Channel Island of Alderney in a Victorian Fort where she spends her days writing in her office – a former gunpowder shelter.

For publicity enquiries please contact Rachel on

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My thoughts:

This was a dark and gripping thriller that seemed to be about a murder but then swerved off into different territory with a cult that destroyed a family.

When her boss’ wife is found murdered, Nicola grabs her small son and goes on the run. Her past is full of dark secrets and they threaten to bubble to the surface. But the police are looking for her, if she’s innocent, why’s she running?

Truly clever story, utterly engaging and full of suspense as Nicola’s past is revealed to the reader, there were some jaw dropping moments and some that were truly grim.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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