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Blog Tour: The Missing Husband & The Silent Victims – Alex Coombes*

Today is my second post for the Alex Coombes’ DI Hanlon blog tour. The previous reviews can be read here.

Today I’m reviewing The Missing Husband and The Silent Victims.

A security officer is assassinated.
A small child grieves for his father.
A psychopath commits their first crime…

A frightened Russian woman seeks DCI Hanlon’s help in finding her missing husband. Hanlon’s not keen on the case. Until she hears a name she recognises only too well. Arkady Belanov, sadistic owner of an exclusive brothel in Oxford is involved.

And when DCI Enver Demirel, her former partner and friend, disappears, Hanlon is determined to solve the case.

Forced into an uneasy alliance with the London underworld, the race to him from the blood-stained
hands of the Russian mafia is underway…

Another gripping case for the unstoppable DCI Hanlon. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Lisa
Regan and Mark Dawson.

This book was previously published as A Hard Woman To Kill by Alex Howard.

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DCI Hanlon faces the toughest decision of her career as a string of political murders lead to a deadly confrontation.

A controversial, right-wing German politician is due to speak at the Oxford Union. Following a series of murders linked to a violent anarchist group, the city is on high alert.

DCI Hanlon has been partnered with DI Huss to ensure the speech goes smoothly and that there will be no more killing.

Meanwhole, as Hanlon traces the person behind the murders, she soon realises that the chilling truth has a terrible price. Is Hanlon willing to meet the cost?

The final gripping case for DCI Hanlon. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Lisa Regan and Mark Dawson.

This book was previously published as An Incidental Death by Alex Howard.

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Alex Coombs studied Arabic at Oxford and Edinburgh Universities and went on to work in adult education and then retrained to be a chef. He has written four well reviewed crime novels as Alex Howard.

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My thoughts:

The Missing Husband – following the events of the last book (The Innocent Girl) DCI Hanlon has been sent to Slough to do as little as Corrigan can make her – working on the missing persons team, a quiet job, out of the way of vengeful Russian mobsters. Or so Corrigan thinks… but when a beautiful woman, who happens to be Russian, asks for Hanlon’s help, well she and Enver end up in a whole heap of trouble. Again.

The Silent Victims – incapable of learning their lessons, the team get involved with more unpleasant and sinister types, this time foreign right wing politicians, jihadists and anarchists. Risking their lives once more, Hanlon and Huss are looking for potential assassins and trying to keep a lid on some protestors, while also investigating a series of connected crimes. Enver is making dinner.

Once again more thrill rides with the three detectives as they get thrown in to more risky adventures and put their lives on the line to stop some very dangerous criminals from operating. I got to the end of The Silent Victims and really wanted there to be more, I needed to know what happened next. There is a trilogy of books about Hanlon’s next move so I’ll be hunting them out soon. I also really want a book all about Enver and his family, mostly because he’s my favourite character and I feel immensely sorry for him as Hanlon keeps getting him almost killed while she shoots off with no real plan to fight much better prepared criminals.

*I was kindly gifted a copy of this book in exchange for taking part in the blog tour but all opinions remain my own.

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