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Blackheart Creatives DIY Jewellery Box

I discovered Blackheart Creatives through Twitter and loved the fun things they sell.


So when they released a DIY jewellery box I leapt at the chance. For £20 you get everything you need to make some pretty cool, totally unique jewellery.

Unique and fun

I sat myself down in front of The Good Wife last week and had a go. Following the step-by-step instructions was super easy and since the box not only contained the components but also the tools I needed, there was no faffing about.

Super duper easy peasy

This month’s box contained a pair of earrings and a necklace, which you can put your own unique spin on and make something no one else has.

This was a limited run of 30 kits, but if there’s enough demand, I imagine there will be more in the future. The plan is to give you something different each time and build up your skills and tools at the same time.

The lovely Charlotte even made a how to video for you, if you’re all thumbs or just want tips from the pros.

As a not very crafty person I found it really fun and as you get something unique to keep and wear at the end, complete value for money.

To find out more, visit Blackheart Creatives online, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, they’re a friendly team and respond quickly, should you have any questions.  You can also see everyone else’s fab creations there.


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