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How does your garden grow


I have a tiny patio out the back of my flat and it is covered in plant pots. Some have flowers (my daffodils look great) but others are growing useful, tasty plants. I have a chilli plant, basil, sage, parsley and hopefully spinach when it comes through.

Last year's chilli harvest, currently making olive oil delicious

Most herbs get their start on the kitchen windowsill, no squirrels digging them up there, lots of sun and I can keep an eye on their moisture levels. At the moment mint, lemon sage and lavender are chilling with my aloe plant, a bromeliad and some baby bonsai trees inside.
There’s also my cacti garden, probably the easiest plants to look after and in the front room a gerboa daisy is hanging out with desert dwelling cactus and poinsettia (still alive three months after Christmas).



I’m hoping my raspberry cane will yield some fruit in the summer and I got a gooseberry to go with it.

My parents have raised vegetable beds in their back garden but I don’t have the space so everything has to grow in a pot, including the banana tree a friend gave me to carry home on the Tube.

Soon they will be flowers

Waiting for things to spring back to life, to flower and blossom is frustrating but will be worth it when Spring properly rolls around.


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